Weight Loss Regime Survival Tip #32: The Devil in the Details

And so we’ve reached the first of the new year.  Happy happy to everyone. 2019 was an interesting year for me.  It was the year I decided to take charge of my weight and work towards a healthier future. There were ups and there were downs as there are in every year.  And truthfully I would have distrusted a smooth and easy path. I am hitting 2020 in a good place and as it is the new year unsurprisingly the idea of resolutions has come up.  Everyone I know is making them.  Unsurprisingly, losing weight and getting into shape tops many of the lists.

I’m not complaining about this trend, and I have been known to make a resolution or two nearly every year, despite telling myself I wasn’t going to.  I am however leery of resolutions.  I think the reason I am so leery of them is because of the gym.  I have been going regularly to the gym in addition to my normal walking and other exercise.

Starting a little before Thanksgiving, activity at the gym picked up.  Prior I had no issues with waiting for my turn with the equipment and was able to get in, do what I needed and then leave, no muss no fuss. Once the holidays approached things changed. 

The Monday before Christmas was pretty bad at my gym.  My workout took twice as long as possible since I had to wait for machines.  Oddly enough one of the gym staff who I have grown accustomed to seeing, but never actually spoke to stopped me and told me, ‘don’t worry, once we pass the midpoint of January they’ll all clear out and it will just be the regulars again. It happens every year.’

I of course had to ask ‘really?’

To which he replied, ‘that’s how long it takes the resolutions to fade.’

And that is why I am leery of resolutions.  People tend to make them, myself included, and after a few weeks of going full tilt at the resolutions, life fades back to normal and most resolutions go by the wayside.

This year instead I am working on the slow acceleration method. I am happy with the path I am on and plan to continue with it.  So as we head into 2020 I will continue to walk this path and I will slowly increase my efforts to reach my goals. This year I will not be making a broad sweeping resolution such as this year I will lose weight. 

Instead, I have a plan with detailed steps for continuing to pursue my goal of reaching a healthy weight. I broke down the larger grand goal into much smaller and more easily achievable steps.  I feel it will not only help me keep moving forward but will also make me feel good as I get to tick things off my list.  There is something very satisfying about drawing a line through an accomplished task. As with any plan, the devil is in the details. If I follow the details instead of making grand sweeping, but nebulous, statements about my wishes for the future, I know I’ll reach my goals.

I just have to mind the devil.

Whether yours are grand plans or small improvements, I hope that you get all you want out of this upcoming year and in this new decade that this year kicks off. Happy New Year!

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