Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm Review

I have, over the past few months, become a big fan of double cleansing. That is using a cleansing balm to remove makeup and then washing the face with a regular cleanser. I think what sold me on the idea was twofold. 

First, I often saw that there was makeup remaining on my skin after just washing my face as the cotton round I used to apply my toner came away smeared with a tint of residual make up.  The second was that I stopped using makeup wipes.  While I could, and still do, justify the use of a couple of cotton rounds per day, I couldn’t justify the waste of the makeup wipes and so I stopped using them.

Once I tried the double cleanse and liked it, I was then left with finding a product to use as a new member of my skin care team (yes, we have team jerseys.).  As this was a deluxe sample in one of my subscription boxes, I gave this Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm a try.  For reference, the full size of the product retails for $27.

The balm was lightly tinted pink and had no real scent to it. It has the same slightly greasy/waxy texture to it all cleansing balms possess.  Since this was a deluxe sample and not a full sized, it didn’t come with any extras like a small spatula or spoon.  I don’t know if the full size comes with one as it wasn’t pictured with any of the jars offered for sale, but for cleansing balms I really think they need them to keep the product from becoming contaminated. Not only do you dip your fingers into the product at the start, but on the off chance you need more product than you took initially, you risk smearing half melted makeup into the jar if you use your fingers.

I will say that with the Clean it Zero, I did find myself having to double dip and pressing the spoon from a different product into service. While this balm rapidly does away with face products and most eyeshadow on the first pass, actually requiring very little in the way of product to remove all but red pigmented eyeshadow. 

It was the red that gave it some trouble, both with the eyeshadow and especially with the lips.  The darker the lip product, the more balm was needed to remove it.  I had to do two passess with my lipstick removal to get it all off and I had to do a second pass to remove all of the mascara.

Even with the second pass required for the lips and mascara, I didn’t use a whole lot of product each evening when removing my makeup and the Clean it Zero Deluxe sample lasted a full two weeks for me. The product also left my skin feeling clean and neither stripped nor greasy. 

I tried several foaming cleansers as my second cleanser, mostly because I had a few open, and there was no reaction with it and any other product. Overall, it was a good product that didn’t cause me to break out or stripped my skin and worked well.  I would still like to find a cleansing balm that takes everything off in one pass rather than requiring two, but other than that this is a product that I would consider purchasing again.

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