Face Mask Friday: La Chloris

La Chloris

Welcome to the Face Mask Friday. I hope you had a fantastically fun New Year’s Eve that was hopefully not followed by a regretful New Year’s day. As for myself, I will say I over indulged a bit, but I kind of knew I was going to anyway (my love of champagne cannot be denied, it can only be ignored for most of the year.).

As preparation for not only the over indulgence but the recriminations my body would no doubt level at me the next morning, I went a little crazy with the workouts Monday and Tuesday.

Unfortunately due to a mechanical malfunction (see my weekly weight post featuring a scale flashing an error sign) I do not know if my efforts balanced out.  I like to think they did. I bid adieu to 2019 and while there will be one very good bottle of bubbly on my birthday in June, it will be a limited indulgence that rarely causes problems  rather than the glass that seems to magically refill itself when I am not looking.  Seriously, I don’t think I actually saw the bottom of my glass all of new year’s eve.  Every few sips someone swung by to top my glass off.  I’m not complaining, but I also wasn’t driving.

But even if that bottomless glass scenario repeats, it won’t be for another year. As this was the end of a decade and a particularly fraught one for many in my circle, I doubt the extra exuberance will repeat for a while. So bye-bye 2019 and champagne toasts.  I’ll see one of you next year.

Now while I was denied by my scale in seeing if my workouts balanced out, today’s face mask also promises a degree of balancing. My choice of Face mask today was the La Chloris Urban Botanicals Ultra Glow Moroccan Rose Mask (retail $38). According to the website it is:

Just a little something to scare the neighbors

A soothing face mask that heals and protects the skin barrier. Includes a combination of both detoxifying and calming ingredients such as Pink Clay and Kaolin as well as Aloe and Algae Extract. It Calms both inflammation and redness, Balances skin moisture, Draws out impurities, but without removing natural oils and Fights free radicals and also strengthens the skin barrier

My skin isn’t particularly red, although I am expecting a spate of break outs to come along from all the sugar consumed this week. Oddly enough while I joke about the champagne, I did sip somewhat judiciously mostly because I was talking a lot, and because the sugar actually hit me before the alcohol did. I didn’t realize how much I eliminated sugar from my diet until New Years.

I also have no idea how to judge if something is fighting free radicals and strengthening my skin barrier.  I have no litmus strip test for that. I can however tell if my skin has been stripped and if it feels moisturized, so those are the bits I planned to focus on.

One of my favorite notes from the product website though has to be the time line.  This is a clay based mask that requires time to dry.  The website advocates leaving it on to dry for 15-30 minutes. I’m not used to a mask that takes longer than 15-20, but I was game. 

Upon opening the jar, the mask smells predominantly like clay with maybe a low floral undertone that I could maybe call rose.  If you are super sensitive to rose scented products, this will more than likely not give you any problems. The clay smoothed on cool and creamy and there was a brief tingle at the start.  I always like that tingle since it makes me feel like its working, even though it probably doesn’t signify anything.

I decided to let it dry down completely before removing it and I found it did need almost the entire thirty minutes to do so.  I don’t mind that, but if you are taking a short time out of your day to do this mask, I would recommend doing it on a day where you are unhurried. Technically I am still on vacation today so there was no rush.  I will be marking the rest of the product down as one that takes longer though so when I return to use it again I’ll know.

I will also say that it is a very damp and raw day where I am today.  There is a lot of moisture in the air which might have caused a longer drying time.

When I returned to the bathroom to remove it, I thought I might need a jack hammer to remove the dried clay, but it turned out that I did not.  Much of it crumbled off easily.  The rest was easily loosened with water and quickly rinsed away. I kinda liked that.

Once the mask was removed, I rinsed and dried my face. The mask did not in any way strip my skin, but it also didn’t add any moisture to it that I could tell. My skin wasn’t overly dried though which was a plus.  I think if I had more redness or more distinct unevenness I might have seen more of a change.  I suspect this might be more of a product for someone with oilier skin than I have. I tend to be normal to combination and I think there would be more benefits from this product if my skin was more on the oilier side. The next time I try it I might just place it in my T-zone to see what happens.  I will say that my skin was soft and looked well balanced.

While this is a decent mask and I will use it until it is gone, I do not think I would buy this again.  There wasn’t enough of a visible result for me and there are other clay masks that I’ve tried in the past that I like better and would reorder ahead of this one. So my final verdict, good but not great and not something I will repurchase.

I hope those of you out there contemplating this mask found this useful. I also hope all of you have a fabulous weekend as you prepare to head back into the first normal work week of the New Year. Good luck with the paperwork piles, whether they are actual paperwork or the electronic kind. I’m sure with some effort, you will be able to hold your own. I have faith in you. I also know that because of my own waiting paperwork, I’m going to be looking at a face mask that promises soothing and calm for next week’s selection. I can feel Monday craziness looming. But that is a whole weekend away. I plan to enjoy myself and I hope you do the same.

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