Palette of the Week: In the Balm of Your Hand

The Palette plus a couple of friends

I won’t lie, I was a little nervous when I pulled the Balm’s In the Balm of Your Hand (retail $32) out for my weekly palette. It has only four official eyeshadow shades inside. In addition there is one pan of Mary-Lou Manizer, a bronzer in Bahama Mama and three blush pans.

I was worried it would be extremely limiting and that I would get bored before the week was out.  Luckily I remembered that I had two single shadows from the balm, one in The rundown (from the What’s the tea? Palette) which is a darker purple color and Bootylicious (from the Nude Beach Vol 2) which is a lovely coppery shade that I was pleased to have the excuse to keep out.  I have the tendency to forget about my single shadows and I have to say this copper shade was one of my favorites.

So with the shadows bulked up a bit for the week I decided that to balance out adding a couple of shadows, I would use the rest of the palette as my bronzer, blush and highlighter for the week as well. I really liked having most of my face products in one spot. It made getting ready a lot quicker as I didn’t have to trade out products which was a definite bonus.

With the shadows, it was an interesting week.  I found myself dipping into single shadows more often than i created layered looks and I have to say these are the shadows to do that with.  There is a little fall out from the darker shades, but not all that much, or at least I didn’t have that much. I just had to tap the brush before applying and I was good.

I ended up dipping into the shade Alice Cooper a lot starting on the outer corner and then blending it in towards the inner corner. I have somewhat lidded eyes so the dark on the outer edge and lighter towards the center look helps me. I make a mess when i try to do Halo eyes although I do keep practicing.

I also found myself mentally singing “No More Mr. Nice Guy” but that really can’t be blamed on The Balm.  At least I don’t think it can. When I needed to brighten up the interior corner of my eyes I ended up using Mary-Lou. I found all of the shades worked well treated this way.  I did the same with the single shadows as well. It gave me a surprising range for the week.  In addition, I could do a few layered looks.  I used Matt Reed as a crease shade,lightened it up with The Rundown and then added Mary-Lou for one look and then another I worked Matte Russo with Bootylicious for a shimmery coppery look which I liked a lot.

With The blushes, I wasn’t all that enthused with any of the shades particularly, but Frat boy worked well enough for me this week.  The other two blushes worked better as eyeshadows on me than blushes, which is how I used them. My issue with it was the size of the palette.I ended up switching out brushes a lot to use smaller ones so I could get the product on the brushes.  I had a similar issues with the bronzer Bahama Mama, although I really liked the shade a lot.

In the end the limited shade range caused me to just be a little more creative when I wanted variation.  I can say that I didn’t get bored with it, frustrated a bit with the pan size, but not bored. I really liked the shadows themselves and found they were very pigmented and lasted all day. 

I have to say that as I know the Matte Reed shade is included in the Matt(e) Trimony palette, I am a bit more excited since I know this palette is included in my IPSY box this month.  I am also contemplating picking up the Rockstar Palette once I’ve gone through my palette and cleared out a little space as I really liked Alice Cooper and the other shades in the palette looked interesting as well when I looked them up. 

Since I only tried individual shades from the Balm prior to getting this palette, I like that the palette took shades from other palettes so I could try their formulas. In itself it is a decent palette as well. I think that on my next trip this will be in the running for packing as it does have a decent range of colors to keep me interested for a week, as well as bronzer, highlighter and a blush I can use, thus saving space for my ever expanding skin care products. I just have to accept that with it’s prominent placement, I will always be singing old Alice Cooper songs as I put on my makeup.

Personally, I can live with that.

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