BoxyCharm Premium Review: January 2020

BoxyCharm Premium January 2020

BoxyCharm Premium is a $35 per month subscription box. It is one of the tiers in the BoxyCharm list of subscriptions and each month it contains about six full sized beauty products.

This month’s was an interesting one. I received my subscription box on Friday and I couldn’t wait to open it. While they do give lots of spoilers for different variations throughout the month, there is only one guarantee as to what will be in the box and that is the one item you get to choose prior to it being sent out.

The item I chose was the Too Faced Cosmetics Palm Springs Dreams Cocktail Party Eye Shadow Palette (retail $45). I simply saw the design and couldn’t resist. I have to say, the packaging did not disappoint. It is absolutely stunning. The shadows themselves are named after drinks or cocktail themed things (like Last Call) and they look gorgeous. The hardest part about getting the palette was that I was still testing this week’s palette and wanted to force myself to wait to play around with it. Today I will post this week’s palette (by ELF, just FYI) and then today after I return from the gym and shower, I will get to play with it. Next Monday I will report back but I am really looking forward to playing with those colors.

It was hard to put it aside and wait for today to play, but I did.

Oddly, in addition to the full sized palette, I received a single KAt Von D Beauty eyeshadow in Lolita. It is a stunning color and as always her shadows are great. As my current week’s palette was very neutral I did add it to Friday afternoon’s look to spice it up. The shadow is soft and highly pigmented. A little goes a long way. Even though it is a $19 shadow and a big pan, I’m not entirely sure it should count as a full sized item and since I already received a palette in this box, I wasn’t as enthused as I might have been otherwise, but it is nice. And like all single shadows, if I remember I have it, I will use it. Otherwise it will get lost in the drawer.

Another item I wasn’t too enthused about seeing was the Billion Dollar Brows Best Seller’s Kit (retail $42). It is a nice kit and contains a really nice brush for detail work, a nice highlighter/concealer stick a brow pencil that works well and has a spoolie on the end asd a clear setting gel. I also received the exact same kit from IPSY last month so I will be passing this one one. The products are nice. The brow pencil is not a favorite so I don’t feel the need to keep a spare.

Lolita swatch. I barely tapped my finger into the pan to product this color.

Next up we have an item that I was so excited to see that I went ahead and used it for my Friday Face Mask on Friday. That was the Bliss Pore Patrol Mask Deep Detox Four Clay Souffle Mask ($18). I immediately used it for the face mask and I absolutely love it. It made my skin feel fresh and clean and I know I will use this product until it is gone and then go out and buy a replacement. Just so you know, Bliss has a sale through January 20th. I’ll post the code and link at the bottom of the page. (it is an affiliate code so i may receive some compensation if you use the link in a purchase.)

This month I also received a cleanser in my box. It is the Skinfix Barrier+Foaming Oil Cleanser (retail $28 according to the info card but the website lists it for $38)). I love when I get cleansers in my subscription boxes. I feel like I go through so many of them with all the sweaty workouts these days. At the moment I am using the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and once I have finished with it, I will be trying this one out.

Finally, my subscription box this month contained the Farsali Liquid Glass Radiance Serum (retail $54). In addition to giving you a radiant glow it is also supposed to help smooth out fine lines. While I am currently testing a serum for fine lines (Dermelect Self Esteem Beauty Sleep Serum, in case you were wondering) once I have completed that trial I will be testing out this one. I love trying new skin care, but it does require a few weeks of use to determine if I actually like it or not so its a slower review process. I did lift the cap though and I have to say, it smells amazing.

The Farsali Serum smells absolutely amazing.

Okay that was my January 2020 Boxy Charm Premium box and over all I have to say I was very happy with it. The single shadow was a little odd and I will be passing on the brow kit but I am very excited about everything else. My total retail value for this month’s box was $206. while it is usually a little higher, I am happy with what I recieved and happy to continue receiving this subscription box.

Bliss sale: Affiliate Exclusive! Take 20% Off Sitewide with code AFFILIATE20. Ends 1/20

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