BoxyCharm Review January 2020

BoxyCharm Base Box January 2020

Boxy Charm is a $25 per month beauty subscription for the base box. If you are thinking ‘Hey Mimsy, didn’t you already review Boxy this month? That was the premium box ($35). I’m still trying to sort out how I feel about both of them, so currently I have both.

Now that we are all together in this, each month in the base box you are sent five (and on occasion 6) full sized beauty products. I have to say this month’s box was a bit skin care heavy.  I don’t mind, as I really like trying new skin care, but usually there is more of a weight towards makeup rather than skin.  I think it is an interesting trend.  I’ve noticed that IPSY has that as well.  Part of it, I’m sure, is my profile.  What can I say, I love skin care. But I think part of it is a growing trend towards more interest in skin care. 

I could of course be wrong and it just happened to be a skin care month.

The first item in my Boxy Charm box this month was the item I chose, and it was skin care.  Eye cream to be exact.  It was a choice between it or one of two eyeshadow palettes or an eye cream.  Neither palette thrilled me and I already knew I was getting an eyeshadow palette in the premium box so I chose the Dr. Brandt skincare 24/7 Retinol Eye Cream (retail $55).  I am almost done with my Pur-lisse Eye serum so I think I am going to finish that up before opening this one, but it should only delay its use by a few days. Then I will try it out. 

Eye cream is one of those things that I always think I have a ton of and then all of a sudden turn around and have absolutely none. I think it is because I use so little that it seems to last forever.  So it’s probably more perception than reality on that front. Regardless, I was very pleased to receive this tube and will soon be putting it to good use.

Next up was the Pretty Vulgar Undercover Concealer (retail $25).  I am actually running low on concealer so I was very happy to see this arrive.  I tested the sample BoxyCharm sent out a few months back and I received the shade that matched me. I’ve tried it a couple of days now and not only is the shade right, but I really like the formula of the product.

The third item in my January box was very familiar to me and I was pleased to receive it.  It is the Skin and Co Truffle Therapy Face Gommage (retail $28).  Yup, exactly the same one I got in my December IPSY.  Oddly in my premium box I had an IPSY duplicate as well with the Billion Dollar Brows kit. I don’t mind this duplicate at all and will not be passing it on.  I will be hoarding it so that as soon as the open one is empty I have a replacement.  I absolutely adore this product and am more than happy to receive a second bottle.

Next up was something I thought was a repeat as well, but it turns out it isn’t.  I received the Avant Skincare 8 Hour Radiance Renewal Sleeping Mask (retail $107). If part of that sounds familiar, or you think you’ve seen the tube before, then you and I think very much alike.  I thought it was a duplicate until I read the bottles.  Last month, I received the moisturizer from Avanti. 

Avanti from last month, and Avanti from this month. Although they look the same one is for day use, the other for night.

With the exception of some of the name details, It looks exactly the same as the Sleeping mask.  So when I get around to using it, I will use one during the day and one at night.  Since they are both rather expensive, I am happy to have both the day and night versions.  Well I will be if I like the formula anyway.  For that, only time will tell.

Finally, I pulled out the last item from my January BoxyCharm box and it was a Manna Kadar Beauty Lip Whip.(retail $21). I have to say, $21 is a bit pricey for a liquid lip.  I tend to bounce between one more expensive lipstick (DOSE at $18 per lippie) and a less expensive one (Colourpop $8) as my two favorite types. Which means that at $21 I have pretty high expectations. 

I also have to say this lippie did not meet those expectations.  I liked the color and put it on before going out.  It never dried down fully and when I went out to eat, I ended up with lipstick on my chin (I had to take a large bite to prove a point about the enormity of a hamburger, odd I know, but I ended up with lipstick in a dot on my chin which as I applied the lipstick several hours before eating, I did not expect.). I also ended up with a strange gathering of lipstick in the corners of my mouth which I’ve never really had happen before.  It was easily fixed, but still not something I want in my lipstick. The only thing I can think of is that I didn’t blot it enough. I blotted after applying though so maybe a double blot is necessary.  As I like the color, I’ll try again and see if I get better results.  But as of now, not my favorite lipstick.

With the exception of the lipstick, I am pretty happy with my subscription box this month.  Actually I was pretty happy with most items in all of my subscription boxes this month.  The cross overs were a little odd, but other than that, I was happy.  Personally, I like having nothing to complain about. Sure there is a suspicious part of me that thinks I might have missed something, but I’m okay with simply enjoying things for what they are. Perhaps the gods of chaos are playing with someone else this month. The final tally for this month’s $25 box was a retail value of $236 which is pretty good and surprisingly better than the premium. It will be interesting to see if that trend continues.

I may receive some compensation if the links posted below are used towards a purchase (the ones above are just links to product pages for reference not affiliate codes, in case you were wondering).

Bright Idea Vitamin C Line

Kristofer Buckle

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