Face Mask Friday: Take Away the Drama

Today for my weekly face mask, I tried this Take Away the Drama Peel off Mask from the brand Hey Honey (retail $49). I have to say, Take Away the Drama might not be the best name for this mask because there was plenty of drama when I went to peel it off.

It has been a while since I used a peel off mask, with the exception of the Draw it all out mask.  I don’t count that one because it peels off easily with no pulling and doesn’t really feel like a peel off mask. This Hey Honey mask, not so much.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

First, the claim is simple, this mask…

…exfoliates to lift away impurities and drama.

the mask is so pretty in the hand

So no real mega claims then. To the mask.  In the hand it is a gorgeous copper color. I love the color and I have to admit, I was secretly thrilled that I was going to get to smear this lovely shade on my skin. It is shimmery and metallic and I just loved it.  It also has a slight grainy texture for exfoliation.  So on to the face it went.

It looks less lovely on the skin.  I personally think I look a bit like I’m in a bad production of the Wizard of Oz and got drafted when the Tinman fell mysteriously ill and they were running low on paint and needed a quick substitute from the art room.

please excuse the slightly serial killer-y look on my face, it was already starting to dry stiffly and I was trying not to crack.

(Yeah I should point out that one set of my grandparents grew up in Vaudevillian families touring and doing comedy sketches and despite leaving the theater they always encouraged participation in the arts.  As a result I spent a lot of time back stage as a child. My specialty was last second fixes for emergencies. In case you are wondering)

So I sat with my faux tinman get up on until the mask was dry and then I went to peel it off.

Like I said, it’s been a while since I used a true peel off mask. My face is no longer immune to the sting.  I remember a section of time where I did use them quite often and after a while, they aren’t that bad.  I’m not sure if you get used to it or if you no longer have any facial hair for the mask to rip off, but they don’t hurt as much after a while.

That was not the case with this one.  Oh, Hey Honey, I peeled and felt like I was ripping my skin off. If removing drama means that it brings the drama out of you, then it did its job. 

I laughed. I cried.  I tried to decide if there was a way I could go through life with half of the mask still welded to my skin, Phantom of the Opera style, instead of taking it off.  I considered a life of crime and other masked adventures.

Finally, I sucked it up and took the mask the rest of the way off.

Boy was my face red. 


Lobster red.

But smooth as silk.  I had a couple of blackheads prior to the mask.  They were gone. It worked like an over grown nose strip. I’d say that my face was blemish free, but I couldn’t really tell under the boiled lobster façade.  I could only tell my skin was smooth.

Baby’s rump smooth.

It took about two hours for the redness to go away, but once it did, my skin looked fantastic. I just had to wait out the redness. (I put the mask on before lunch)

I suppose the big question is, would I use this mask again?

Yes actually, yes I would.  I will wait for the memory of the pain to dim and I will not plan to go out after I do the mask, keeping my schedule clear and myself away from the public until the lobster red fades, but I would do it again.

Beauty and pain, man.  Beauty and pain. Sometimes you just can’t escape the dynamic duo.

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