Weekly Weight: 205.0

January 17, 2020

Sorry for the looming phone shadow in the above pic. I changed the lightbulbs in the bathroom and was trying to avoid a blinding glare. I weigh in when I first wake up on Fridays and I don’t think terribly fast without my coffee kickstart. Before next week’s weigh in I’ll figure out a better spot for the scale. It will be a post caffeine decision.

This was an interesting week for me. There were deadlines galore and it seems that everything that anyone postponed until ‘After the Holidays’ came crashing down at once. I think it is that new year’s zeal in paperwork form. Once everyone caught up from being out for the holiday they launched into new initiatives with resolution like enthusiasm.

As a consequence in my household meals were slightly off schedule and workouts migrated through the day like flocks of geese. Things I would normally do in the morning were done late afternoon and visa versa.

Oddly enough I did managed to get most of my scheduled workouts done this week. they weren’t done when I scheduled them, but they were done. For the most part.

It was food that took the heaviest beating this week.

And to be honest, that might have been down to weather more than anything else. Thus far we have mostly been drifting through the winter season with only a few actual cold days hitting us. We have gotten a lot of rain, but the temperatures haven’t dropped all that low. As a result, I left salads on the menu longer than I planned. When the temperatures dropped this week, salads were very appealing and I had to adjust my meal plan on the fly.

This was very much an eat from the pantry and freezer sort of week. Luckily my freezer is still full of summer garden overstock and the pantry is a cornucopia of sauces and condiments. Along with dried veg I dehydrated when the freezer was full. So we survived. It was actually the first time I’d really done the fly by the seat of my pants dinner prep in a while. While it was interesting and I am glad that I pulled it off. I think I much prefer my meal plan. With my meal plan I can figure out the calories ahead of time and just portion correctly each day. This week I left scraps of mathematical notes around the kitchen like strange confetti as I tried to stay on track.

While this week wasn’t the full pound (or more) I wanted to lose, it came close and quite frankly, I’m impressed I even came close. I can also say that today when I sit down to plan out next week’s menu and grocery list, there will be much warmer dishes planned. Admittedly that probably means it will warm up outside. That is usually how these things go. What can you do, huh? At least it keeps things interesting.

The stats:

Starting weight: 246 lbs

Last week’s weight: 205.6 lbs

This week’s weight: 205.0 lbs

This week’s weight loss: 0.6 lbs

Total weight loss thus far: 41 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx): 82 lbs

Well with that recorded, it is time to hit the ground running. I think with one big push I can actually clear my desk before lunch time and then enjoy 15 minutes of peace with my Friday face mask before the last of the afternoon calls are made. By my estimation if I spend most of the afternoon on the phone then by six tonight I can end my day and enjoy my weekend in peace. My big plans involve making a cauldron of soup and watching movies with my baby. After all the festivities of the past few months I think we are both ready for some down time. Happy friday everyone.

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