MoroccanOil Treatment Review

MoroccanOil Treatment (trial size)

I have always been leery of hair oils.  In my mind they bring thoughts of used car salesmen from the 1950s with the slicked backed hair. I don’t know why.  I’ve never actually met a used car salesman who had slicked back hair. But still the mental image remained.  However, in 2019 I decided to start trying more new things and leave behind at least a few of my preconceived notions. So I tried a hair oil for the first time and to my surprise, I liked it.

Who knew?

Because of my success with the previous oil, I was less hesitant to try a second one and as I heard a lot about the Moroccan Oil Treatment, I decided I would start there. Still a little on the hesitant side (and not liking the thought of greasy hair) I picked up a trial sized bottle of the Moroccan oil Treatment (light) to test out.  I figured that if I liked it I could always pick up a full sized bottle and if I didn’t, then at least I wouldn’t have a whole lot of product hanging around.  Plus the trial sized bottle looked large enough that I could test it out multiple times and over a longer period before I made my judgement.

I have to add right here that I am always glad when products have trial sized versions that are actually large enough for me to do my own personal trial.  There are so many products on the market that I either tend to stick with what I know when shopping or attempt a trial sized version before committing.  The trial size lets me try out multiples of a type of product, especially if it is something I am less familiar with using, so that I can choose the right version for myself.

It makes experimentation much less costly and it causes less waste of products, or at least less products being added to my ‘find a new home with someone else or find a way to dispose of without feeling guilty’ basket I keep in the bottom of my linen closet.

Having said that, the full sized version of this product retails for $15 and contains 0.85 fluid ounces of product.  My trial sized version contains 0.34 fluid ounces of product.  I found that using it required very little of the actual product.  I have been using this trial sized bottle for about a month now and still have product left. I expect the full sized bottle will last a really long time. It comes with a pump and recommends 1-2 pumps per use.  Judging from other pumps I’ve used in the past, I’d say one pump was about the amount that I used each time I used the product.

So on to the claims of the oil.  According to the website…

Get the silky, shiny and healthy hair you’ve always wanted. Moroccanoil Treatment is the product that pioneered oil-infused hair care and created the worldwide buzz on argan oil. The original foundation for hairstyling, Moroccanoil Treatment can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool. Infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil and shine-boosting vitamins, this completely transformative hair treatment detangles, speeds up drying time and boosts shine—leaving you with nourished, manageable, and smooth hair with each use. Outshine the rest.

Everyone clear on what to expect?  Excellent, let’s move into the trial. The product claims to be useful for both wet and dry hair so I tried both. First, of course, I opened and took a sniff.  If something is going to be in my hair, chances are that I am going to be smelling it all day.  Even when I tie my hair back it is long enough that I catch the scent of whatever product I’ve used in it.

This Moroccan oil, in the bottle, has a light, slightly spicy scent to it that I don’t mind.  It didn’t smell like it would be overpowering to wear throughout the day and it didn’t smell strong enough to overpower whatever perfume I happened to apply.  It was a soft scent that I was certain would more or less fade into the background of my day.

It did smell more like oil than I expected, which made me a little nervous.  It once again brought to mind thoughts of greasy locks.  But I persevered and poured a little oil into my palm. The oil is slightly viscous when poured into the hand.  Just a little is needed and for my first use, I dispensed it into my hands, rubbed my hands together and applied it to my damp hair straight from the shower. 

In this photo I applied the oil to damp hair and let it air dry. I then just fan a brush through it.

It did not weigh down my hair and to my relief the light oil scent faded completely away as my hair dried.  There was a lightly spicy scent remaining which was pleasant.  Not wanting to affect this first trial, I let my hair dry naturally, then brushed it out when it was dry.  That is actually the picture off to the side. My hair was shiny without being greasy and it felt extremely soft to the touch. 

As my hair dried, most of the scent faded and the scent of the oil was barely detectable.  Essentially I had to press a lock of hair to my nose and take a sniff to smell it at all. As this meant that it would not be fighting with any other scented products I applied, I am perfectly fine with its lack of distinct aroma.

I tried the wet hair application again, only this time I blow dried my hair and I came up with the same results.  Shiny, soft hair that wasn’t greasy or weighed down.  The oil helped with keeping my hair from getting tangled during the drying process as well.  Thus far I was happy with its claims.

The next time I tried it, I used it on my hair when it was dry.  I rubbed it into my hands and then ran my hands over my dry hair.  This is where this product really shines.  It tamed all of my flyaway, giving my hair a sleek polished look without making it feel heavy and weighted down. The effect lasted for several hours, which is pretty good for me.  I think I half expected it to dry and leave my hair in worse shape than it was before.  That did not happen.

I think that this is a good product to use to quickly tame flyaways if you need something just before you go out.  It is a quick fix that won’t cause later issues a few hours down the road.  I used a very little amount for this purpose as I was leery of having greasy hair, but a little amount is all you really need.  I think I like it best when using it on wet hair on days I don’t want to use a blow dryer.  It kept my hair manageable and soft without having to use heat on it, which is always a plus.  The fact that it isn’t terribly expensive either is a definite plus as well.  I think I will definitely be picking up a full sized bottle of this Moroccanoil Treatment as soon as my trial sized bottle runs out so that I can keep it in the bathroom to add to my post shower routine. I know they have a full line of other products including shampoo and conditioner which I will definitely have to try out soon as well. Hopefully they’ll work as well as the oil.

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