Palette of the week: Palm Springs Dreams

How pretty is this palette from Too Faced? Seriously, I loved seeing this out on my dressing table this week and to be honest, I am somewhat sad to see it go back into the drawer. There just isn’t enough space to display palettes on my dressing table so I only keep the one I’m currently using out while the rest wait their turn in the spotlight on the dressing table. It also keeps me from using the same palette over and over again while I ignore the rest.

Which let’s face it, I have been known to do.

This is one of those palettes where such an action would be really easy to do. While the outside is pretty, the inside is equally stunning. The shadows are smooth and buttery, very easy to blend and layer and there is very little fall out. The colors are highly pigmented as well. The shimmer shades do better with a wet application than a dry so for more effect, spray the brush with setting spray and there will be no problems.

I think one of the things I really like about this palette is that it can be used to create both a toned down day look as well as something more sparkly. Looking at it when I first got it, I wasn’t sure everyday looks were a possibility. My favorite everyday look from this palette involved the BYOB (dark brown) shade to darken my crease, Saucy and Bossy to transition and then Last Call to add just a little bit of shine without going overboard. while it didn’t swatch all that well on my arm, Last Call is my hands down favorite shade in this palette. It has a shine that isn’t too glittery but still feels special.

It was difficult for me to not use the shade everyday as I really wanted to. I did rotate through all of the shadows, blue included. Last call still remains my favorite. In fact I am wearing it in the photo here. I know my hair looks crazy in the pic. This was taken after wearing the shadows for about twelve hours. I would also like to point out it was a very windy day, hence the crazy hair. The shadows lasted really well. and in case you are wondering I am also wearing the ELF Tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 (I’ll be posting a review and wear test soon) and on my lips one of my favorite nudes, Buxom’s Russian to You. I love the way it tingles.

Most of the matte shades can be used as a single shadow for a simple and quick look. I have to say my favorite for that was the BYOB shade. I found if I dipped my brush into the pan, dabbed it on the corner of my outer lid and then used a clean brush to blend it in towards my inner eye, it blended well and created enough variation that I could use just the one shade. The other matte shades also worked well for me on that. Saucy and Bossy was a little too close to my own skin tone when applied to be very effective in that application, but on a different skin tone I can see it working well.

While this palette is definitely a keeper, for now I must bid a fond adieu and place it in the drawer. it is time to choose another palette for it’s time on the top of the dressing table. I wonder which one it will be this time. I can’t wait to find out. Tune in next week to see how the next palette fares.

Buxom Cosmetics

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