Foundation Review: ELF

ELF Flawless Finish Foundation

Sound the horns, beat the drums and ready the horses, the great foundation quest has begun! Recently I realized my favorite foundation was discontinued. It has probalbly been discontinued for a while, I just didn’t notice. I went on a hunt for my favorite foundation, found one and cakled in triumph. I purchased a bottle and when I was about halfway empty a sale came along and I stocked up. When I started running low I came across a stash at TJ Maxx and after marveling that it was my shade and revelling at the low price and number of bottles, I stocked up.

I know, there were several clues in there that I should have seen as glaring signs of upcoming discontinuation.

I saw them, I just chose not to heed them.

They are one of the reasons I went looking for stick and cream foundations at the end of summer though. I was down to my last bottle and I figured in addition to finding something for travel I could extend the life of my last bottle.

But alas, it is no more.

My travel foundation has been pressed into service. So I started picking up foundations to try. There is no order to this quest. There is just what foundation I pick up to try at the time. Also as I use everything from tinted moisturizers and BB creams to full coverage, depending on the day, the products I try will vary wildly. Also I don’t want to have a stock pile of foundations so if it really doesn’t work for me, then I’ll pass it along to someone it might work out for, if it does, I’ll use it up so there might be a run of several foundation reviews posted and then nothing as I use them up and then more reviews.

For those of you keeping track. (Also if you think there are foundations I might want to look into trying, let me know in the comments and I’ll try to get around to them)

Okay, now that we have the explanation and odd disclaimer for my non-scientific quest, to the foundation. As you no doubt saw in the title this is an ELF foundation, the ELF Oil Free SPF 15 Sunscreen foundation to be exact. It is a medium coverage.

Just the foundation on my skin

To be honest I picked this one up because I love the ElF finishing powder and wore mine down to pan. I went to pick up a replacement and saw the foundation next to it. As I also through out my last bottle of foundation that morning, I knew I needed to start my quest. So ElF it is.

It helps that it is a relatively inexpensive product. It was $6 for the product. Mine is in Light Ivory if you are wondering. They do seem to have a large shade range to choose from so if this works out then I can easily find a summer shade. Gardening in the summer time means I generally need two shades in my dressing table, one winter and one summer. For fall and speing I blend the two a little to get the interim shades.

makeup done, hair, not so much

With this foundation, one pump was all I needed to cover my entire face. It has no real scent to it, which I like and blends out smoothly and easily. I found I didn’t need to spot conceal anything as the medium coverage was enough to even out my skin tone and cover any of my current blemishes. At the moment I don’t have any break outs to cover. I can also say that as I used this product for a week to test it, I didn’t end up with any breakouts from the product.

It goes on with a rather matte finish. I personally like a matte finish to my foundation, that way if I want to get glowy I can add the glow separately and determine how much of a glow I want. When I mixed a drop of illuminating drops into the foundation, the ELF foundation took it well. I think this foundation is part of their Flawless Finish collection, if not it really deserves to be. Not only did it go one smoothly, but it didn’t settle into my fine lines.

close up of my nose where foundation tends to pill or settle, taken just after application

As we all know, it is not just about how it applies, but how it finishes. Throughout the day, the foundation wore well. It didn’t settle into my fine lines as the day wore on. It did get a little shiny towards the end of the day. A pat of powder around midday was all it needed to correct itself and then I was fine. And truthfully, it was only a little shiny on the days where I forgot the powder. As long as it doesn’t settle into lines and make me look older than I am, I can live with a little shine.

different lighting but at the end of the day, you can see some shine but the product is still in place.

Over all out of the gate I am going to have to say I was very impressed with the foundation. It was light on the skin, wore well, with only a little shine and didn’t settle into lines. This is definitely a contender. I also like that it has the SPF mixed in because I am guilty of forgetting sunscreen in the winter time. I remember in the warmer months, but tend to forget come winter. If its in, then I don’t have to think about it.

at the end of the day, the lines under my eyes are more from exhaustion than anything else. the makeup worked well, the day was just brutal

So this definitely goes in the like category. When I get several I like, I will put the liked ones up against each other for a final rating, but for now, I’m happy to have a nice foundation to use and I am pleased my testing started off so positively. This may be a harder competition than I thought. But since I really like finding good makeup products to use, it’s really hard to get mad about that either. Now I just have to figure out what product to try next.

Any thoughts?

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