Face Mask Friday: Biorace Spirulina

face clean and hair pushed back, yup, its masking time.

Despite ceasing to buy sheet masks, I have amassed quite a collection and I decided today was a good day to work through one of them. Mostly I decided that because I knocked the basket over and they went spilling across the bedroom floor. Some of them did not want to return to the basket.

I chose one of those and decided it meant less clean up after my mask which made it more relaxing. So the sheet mask selection was intentional. Right, intentional. The lucky winner in the ‘I don’t want to be stuffed back into the over crowded basket’ category was the Intense Hydrating Spirulina Mask from Biorace.

It actually seemed appropriate as outside a cold yet steady rain seems intent on providing everything around me with intense hydration. I just wanted to join in. According to the website not only can you buy one sheet mask for $2, but you will find it is a:

Facial sheet mask with spirulina maxima extract helps moisturizing and soothing, minimizing the irritation of dry and sensitive skin.

Sexy, no?

Personally I think spirulina maxima sounds like a roman gladiator. It makes for a lovely image as I try to relax. with the mask. Picture it. A sword wielding gladiator, well muscled, gleaming in the sun and if archaeologists are correct, Vegan, intent on defending my skin from irritating dryness. In this drama Irritating Dryness is played by a dehydrated sponge wielding sandpaper.In my mind he somehow has a Snively Whiplash moustache.

Spiruluna Maxima vs. Irritating Dryness

Not exactly the title fight that packs them in, but in my mind there is a crowd.

But before this title fight plays out, I must open the packet. Which I of course do. As always the sheet mask is soaked in serum and folded, the combination of elements conspiring to make me feel like I am trying to rescue origami that ran afoul of a slime monster. Sucess is mine and the mask s layed across my skin.

The scent reminds me of the health food stores my mom took me to as a kid, which I don’t mind. It smells healthy and somehow green and herby. There is no chocolate in this store, only carob bits. while I never liked those, I was always a big fan of the sesame honey candies sold at the one near us.

But we are not here for candy. we are here for hydration, remember the title fight?

but that is what the mask smells like.

So the mask is on. I light my candles, still in holiday apple cinnamon scent in case you are wondering, and for fifteen glorious minutes I relax. There is no stress. No construction outside, no potential flooding in lo lying areas. We are even eating dinner out tonight so I don’t even have to worry about the contents of the fridge. And I am currently the only one in the house.

It is fifteen minutes of glorious solitude and calm.

The mask feels slightly cool on the skin and is lightly tingly at first. It soon settles down and when my fifteen minutes are complete, I peel the mask away and gently pat the remaining serum into my skin. My skin feels hydrated and soft. The slight windburn I had from spending time outside changing my flat tire has been gentle soothed. All is right with my world.

what the mask looks like without the crazy person wearing it.

while I have stopped buying sheet masks because of the waste inherent in the packaging and the foil packets that aren’t very eco friendly. there are times when I have to admit they have their place. I really liked using the mask and not having to go through the process of washing off the mask and toweling off. I just wish someone would develop a better packaging. Oh well, I have to say this was a great mask and I think I will look into biorace to see if they sell this serum without the mask. I think it would be a good one to use in general. I think I might also look into more spirulina products as my skin seems to react well to it and I kind of dig the nostalgic scent.

So refreshed I am going to blow out my candles and ease back into the rest of my day. I hope everyone out there has a fantastic weekend.

For those of you stocking up this weekend, a little help for your budget…

Alyaka is having a flash sale this weekend: Sitewide Weekend Flash Sale! 20% OFF on orders £90 or more. Until January 27 ONLY.

and Bliss has a 10% off code good through the end of the month

Take $10 Off Any Order with code GIMMETEN. No minimum purchase required! Ends 1/31

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