Palette of the Week Wanderess Rush

This week’s palette was Wanderess Rush by Wander Beauty. while I adore many of their skin care and face products, (the Glow Ahead Illuminating Face oil, being one of my absolute favorites) I am not always drawn to their eyeshadow palettes.

I don’t know why but a lot of their color combinations don’t draw me in. I always feel slightly sad because if I know I won’t use it I pass it on and the quality of the shadows is always very good. My mother actually has a standing request that all of the Wander eyeshadows that I don’t think I’ll use go directly to her.

These shadows are quite pigmented. For orientation Hustle is the shadow at the bottom of the image.

This one will not be among them. The colors are definitely more me and I will be keeping it. It is small enough for travel and the selection of shadows means that the six have enough of an array that I wouldn’t get bored. While the shimery shades look very glittery in the pan, they are not too over the top on the eye. In the image I used an extra few touches of Blitz to see how bright it would be on it’s own. The result was not too much for a day time look. I would probably keep Avenue and Hustle for more afterwork, but the pink of blitz works well in a more toned down office look.

There is a little glitter, but not too much for a daytime look

Actually since I have somewhat hooded eyes, I can get away with putting more brightness on my lids since most of it isn’t going to show unless I stand around with my eyes closed. I try not to do that in public, but I will still hold Avenue until after office hours.

My one caution with this palette is with Swift. While it is a great chocolatey brown, it can be a little powdery so you have to be a little extra careful with it if you have already done your face. If you start with the eyes, then work on your face products, then just be aware you will be dusting off a little of Swift. I really enjoyed this palette and I am really glad I pulled it out of the drawer to use this week. I think it is one I need to remember more often for use and not just grab when I need something small enough to travel. It is a good palette and clearly deserves more use.

Wander Beauty

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