Skinfix barrier Foaming Oil Cleanser Review

Cleansers are interesting things. I use them twice a day, once in the morning and once at night as a standard practice. Since beginning my personal workout regime, I occasionally use one mid-day just because of the sweat. So I tend to have different cleansing options available. I have the ‘wake up in the morning and rinse off any excess night cream’ cleansers. I have the ‘make my skin feel clean and refreshed while removing excess sweat but don’t strip anything’ line and then I have the all-important make-up removal segment of my cleansing products. Sometimes, I use the same product for multiple reasons. So it is just one product in my bathroom but it is rare for one product to work for all of the uses.

The thickness of the pump makes it dribble a little down the side.

Despite the fact that I use cleansers at least once a day and I would guess that most other people do as well, cleansers aren’t usually a big part of subscription boxes. Even so, this Skinfix barrier+ foaming oil cleanser (retail $38) was in one of my recent BoxyCharm boxes. While I heard of the brand before, I never tried anything from them. As I generally get subscription boxes so I can try new things, that was a win. But with cleansers more than anything else, performance is key. So what is this foaming oil cleanser supposed to do?

According to the website…

Foaming Oil Cleanser is the ultimate daily face wash – approved by derms and adored by beauty editors. A hydrating, creamy oil that lightly foams to wash away dirt and makeup, without stripping your precious lipids. Gentle coconut derived cleansers do the work to clear excess oil, makeup, and dirt, while skin-similar, good fats: squalene, jojoba and macadamia oil, help leave your lipids in even better shape than they found them. A foaming cleanser that thinks it’s a treatment product – clinically proven to increase skin hydration, improve tactile smoothness, and reduce visible facial redness and blotchiness. Have you ever seen a face cleanser do that??!! Formulated to be ideal for all skins – even the most sensitive. 98% naturally derived. pH balanced.

To start we have me with makeup on at the end of the day

Wow, that’s a lot of claims. Shall we see what it does?

First the packaging. This cleanser is in a pump tube, which I always like. I like pumps because of the way they measure out product. With tubes I tend to occasionally squirt out too much, especially I’f I’ve wet my face first and have wet hands when squeezing. One of my concerns though is the shape of the pump. With that fat a pump, the product often ends up dribbling down the side and making a bit of a mess. As you can see it did just that, but that is not a deal breaker. I can just pick up the pump and tilt it to the side before pumping.

The foaming action is nice and more than I would have thought from an oil based product

To give this cleanser the full workout, I tried it as part of my double cleanse routine and as an independent cleanser. I used it in the morning and at night as well as occasionally post gym. The post gym face was is usually only once or maybe twice a week, not after every workout, in case you are wondering.

cleanish skin, it took of most of my eye makeup leaving a bit of eyeliner behind and some foundation.

In the hand this cleanser is white, almost pearlescent and on the face it foams better than I thought an oil would foam. I will say I loved using it in the morning and right after the gym because my skin felt very clean but not stripped. As part of a two part cleanse, where another product is doing the heavy lifting of removing the bulk of my makeup, whether it was a cleansing balm or a Makeup eraser, it also performed well. The formula left my skin soft and clean. It did not in any way feel dry or stripped. It is when this product is used alone to remove makeup that things got a little off balance.

For a sole cleansing product, I wet my still makeup-ed face, and began to cleanse. The product did well removing mascara, lipstick and eyeshadow. It had a little problem with the eyeliner. After rinsing I could still see some eyeliner on my eyes. I used the Makeup eraser just over the eyes to remove the obvious eyeliner, but not on the rest of my face. Then I went in with my toner on a cotton round as the test to see how much of my foundation the Skinfix cleanser took off. The answer was, not much.

The toner round had a bit more foundation left behind than I am used to seeing

I am accustomed to a small trace of foundation on the cotton round after toning as toning, but this was a bit much. I think the cleanser concentrates on the skin benefit elements more than on the make-up removal ones. And I can’t lie, it does feel good on the skin. This product is a good one if you are not wearing makeup and want a clean face without the drying and stripping some cleansers do. It is fine if it is the second step in a double cleansing routine. But it only removes some makeup and leaves loads behind. It is quite simply, a good cleanser but not a makeup removing one.

Will I use the rest of the product? Yes. Would I purchase this on my own? Possibly. Like I said it does make my face feel good and clean, it just doesn’t remove makeup well.

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3 thoughts on “Skinfix barrier Foaming Oil Cleanser Review

  1. Hi, I read your review on this product and I was interested in how it performs when used as a first cleanse (oil cleanser step) in the double cleanse at night. I was disappointed to read that you applied the product to a wet face when in fact balms/oils should be applied to dry skin and then emulsified by adding a little water to break everything up. It would be a good test for yourself to see its performance when applied to dry skin first. Thanks for the info on your experience as an AM and post-workout cleanser though.


    1. Thanks for the suggestion, that is definitely something I will try. I think I just automatically dampen my face and didn’t think to do otherwise. The water wasn’t much and it emulsifies pretty well that way (as a general rule) but I will reverse it and see what happens. Thanks!


      1. Have you ever answered something quickly and then later realized you were an idiot? The oil breaks down the makeup on a dry face, then you add water to emulsify and wash away. Got it now. Thanks for the tip and I will def be trying it out.


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