Foundation Quest continues with…Too Faced

The next foundation in my great foundation quest is the Too Faced Dew You Full Coverage Fresh Glow Foundation from the Tutti Frutti line (retail $36).  To be honest I chose this foundation to try because of mixed reviews from friends.  In other words, when I asked around one friend absolutely loved it and another friend absolutely hated it. There did not seem to be any middle ground which I found intriguing.

But before I get into the foundation, I realized I didn’t mention much about my testing process in my last foundation test.  The reason for that was partially because I forgot and partially because the ELF foundation just worked beautifully regardless of which ways I tried it.  This was a bit more complicated.

So, in general, I test the foundation for a week.  I use it as my primary foundation every day that week. The first day I try it on with no primer. This is very hard for me because you know I love my primers. Because I love my primers, I have several on hand and so on the subsequent days I rotate through some of my favorite primers underneath the foundation to see how they work.

Then I sort of gather my thoughts and present them to you.

First a little about the Foundation.  It is a cream gel formula with a satin finish infused with watermelon and cucumbers.  When you go to the how to apply section on the webpage, it recommends you give other products a chance to settle before applying. There will be more on that in a minute.

the pump keeps things clean

So the foundation comes in a tube with a pump.  Personally I like this as the doe foot, droppers  and open bottles tend to make a bit of a mess with me. I do my best, but sometimes I rush and then the rims of the bottles get gunky and you have to clean them.  Plus with the tube you can squeeze it like toothpaste and get all of the product out.  I also like that it is kept safe from air and light. So packaging a plus.

I also like that I am the same shade across all of Too Faced’s foundations. I am the shade Porcelain regardless which is nice to know so I don’t have to guess shades each time I try a new product.

Now you know, I have to sniff the product first thing.  Its just what I’m going to do.  The name of the line is Tutti Frutti, so I had expectations. To be honest, it smells like a pack fruit striped gum. I don’t know if they still make it anymore since I haven’t seen it since I was a kid, but the gum always smelled so good but then the flavor dissipated too quickly and you were left just chomping a bit of unflavored gum. But I loved the smell and as I have no plans to eat this foundation, I was happy.

Thicker more cream like consistency than many foundations I’ve tried

The consistency of the foundation is rather thick.  It does have, as stated, a gel formula.  It spreads on the skin more like moisturizer than regular foundation.  Kind of like a night cream.  A little goes a long way and it is full coverage.  Once applied I did not need to spot conceal anything.  

I really liked how it applied and how light it felt on the skin.  I layered on my other products.  In the first trial I use my Trestique bronzer stick, Tarte blush Razzleberry eyeshadow palette from Too Faced and Dr. Facilier lipstick from Colourpop’s Villain’s collection. While he isn’t my favorite villain, I do love the color and will soon nee to re-order that one.

Bare skin freshly washed

And remember with the first test, I do not use primer.

That is a mistake with this foundation. By noon, I had lines showing around my mouth and under my eyes.  My under eyes actually looked extra tired. Partially it was the day, but in part it was the settling of the product.

Products on first day with no primer

So my following tests were done with primers. Of the ones I used the Elf putty primer was the best under this foundation. Millions of people have raved about it, and I have to agree, it is a good primer, especially under a full coverage foundation.  The key with this foundation is time.  Apply the primer, and let it sit.  Don’t go straight into the foundation.  Let that primer settle into place.  If you do then the foundation will last throughout the work day.  You will not have people telling you that you look really tired after lunch.

Or maybe you will, but it won’t be because of the foundation.

No primer, mid-day lines around my mouth are starting to show

Just let the primer settle in. remember to website’s directions.  In this case, they are helpful.

I would not recommend using a very slippy silicone-y primer under this as the foundation won’t last until noon with that underneath.  It will slide off and you will not leave your dressing table without having to fix things.  Go with something solid like the ELF Putty Primer or the Tatcha one if you have it. This is where those sorts of formulas shine.

End of the day with the ELF Primer under the foundation. Lines are starting to show but it is far less noticeable.

Incidentally in that second image, I used all of the same face products but used the Kat Von D single Lolita eyeshadow paired with the same brand’s cake eyeliner and Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara. I wanted to keep the face products relatively the same.

Over all it was a decent foundation if the proper primer is used.  With the primer it will last all day with no touch ups needed at lunch time, but I did notice that after dinner, even with the primer some cracks were starting to show. I think it could either be used for a work day or a night out, but not both in a row. There would need to be some major fixing between the end of the office and the start of the party.

I think this one will be interesting to see how I feel in a few weeks.  My plan with these foundations is to test them in batches.  I’ll test a handful and then rotate through those handful, seeing which ones I reach for and which ones I just push aside. To be honest, I don’t know which category this will fall into.  At the moment I don’t have a lot of full cover options, so I might reach for it just for that, or I might only reach for it when I have chosen the ELF putty Primer as my primer that day. 

For now it is good enough to stay in my makeup drawer.  Long haul, only time will tell.

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6 thoughts on “Foundation Quest continues with…Too Faced

    1. I don’t know if this helps but I think I forgot to mention it. I have generally normal to combination skin. I’m not sure what you have, but it does have a dewy finish that those with more oil in their skin don’t tend to like. Hope that helps! and I’m glad they still make the gum. I have to say I really liked the scent of the foundation.

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  1. Not a problem. I tend to be a bit more into mattes as well. Some of the ‘dewy’ look surprisingly greasy. This wasn’t, but it is always a possibility. I think the others currently in line for testing are more matte if that helps. Admittedly, I haven’t tested them yet… 😉


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