Wisteria Blue by Nest Fragrances

It is time to return now to one of my favorite indulgences.  That’s right, perfume. I love the way a good scent can completely transport you either to a memory or a place that never existed outside of your mind.  If you want to know a secret, sometimes I  choose scents because they let me pretend I am someone else.  I used to keep one scent around that made me feel as though I was a secret agent when wearing it.  I have no idea what scent notes made that connection in my mind, however I often wore that perfume when I knew I had to get through a long and pointless staff meeting. It was my staff meeting survival scent.  I can’t remember the now but I’d know the scent anywhere.

While Scentbird sends a reusable case with the first order, future scents come in a protective (and recyclable) cardboard case.

But then again that is the sort of person I am. Names I tend to be hit or miss on, scents I remember.

And yes it has given me a few awkward moments at cocktail parties. Seriously, never let me introduce people. Chanel Baby powder does not appreciate being introduced to Cough drops Old Spice. Even if they did later on get married and now have two children. Luckily, my babydoll is a wiz with names. He remembers their actual ones while I just tag them by scents in my head and hope the names will come to me later. It helps to love someone who is good at what you aren’t. That’s not why I love him of course, but it is a handy feature.

Speaking of my darling dearest, as his opinion features in this post, I should mention his lexicon when it comes to scented products. If he doesn’t like a scent his is fairly unequivocal.  The scent is termed weird. Not bad, weird. That means he doesn’t like it. Fancy means it smells nice. When testing this perfume this lexicon became important as you will see in a bit.  But first on to the scent.

As you may remember I recently tested out the scent Indigo also from Nest Fragrances and absolutely adored it. It is what prompted adding this to my Scentbird Queue. (actually it may have been more than a little while ago since I tested that one.  Over the holidays I had to put all my perfumes aside since we have several people sensitive to scents in the family. I had to restrain myself.  While I love them and was willing, it was rather hard for me.  Luckily I was baking a lot so I sort of smelled like cinnamon and nutmeg over the past month.)

So the next on my list was the Wisteria Blue from Nest Fragrances. It’s description…

Wisteria Blue’s clean, fresh, softness is slyly addictive. An ethereal blend of powdery wisteria, rich Imperial jasmine and soft roses creates a subtle mystery that grows more compelling as the scent lingers on the skin.

Go ahead, read that and tell me I’m not going to want to try it. They got me again. I knew they would. Those clever marketing people with their adjectives. They know just what to write to draw me in.

So the scent arrived. I spritzed. I sniffed. I sighed. I know not exactly Veni vidi vici, but still.

It is a lightly warm scent that does, at least in my mind where scents and colors occasionally combine, smell blue. It smells like something you would wear on a sunny afternoon when strolling through a garden looking to see if the early crocus flowers have popped up in the back garden. It is not a summer scent. 

It is certainly not a winter scent. 

It isn’t quite a spring scent though. 

It is that winter spring edge where things have started to grow but you are well aware that a cold snap may make those new shoots regret poking their noses above the safety or the earth. It doesn’t quite have the innocent brightness of spring, but it is not the hibernating coziness of winter.

It is like hope tempered with experience.

At least that is how it smelled to me.  When spraying it on, the scent is a bit strong at first but after a moment or two it fades back a little from its aggressive entrance.  It is long lasting, I was getting teasers of the scent throughout the day. While I liked it initially,. I have to say the more I wore it, the more I liked it.

But of course, I do not live in a bubble so I am not the only one who has to smell my scents.  So I asked my darling dearest to take a sniff. He said ‘Its fancy but not fancy fancy.’

Yup, that was new to me so I asked for clarification.  Apparently it is a ranking system. He saw two perfumes by Nest and decided he liked them both, the one termed fancy fancy is better than the fancy one, but he still likes both so neither is weird. Everyone on the same page?

I asked him what he was going to do if I tried out the other perfumes from Nest Fragrances.  First he was surprised that any company would have more than two fragrances (which is a whole other discussion).  To prove it to him I showed him the lineup.  Citron and Cocoa Woods are now on my list to try. I should have known as he is a huge fan of anything even chocolate adjacent and anytime I get a citrus scented body wash or soap he ends up appropriating it as ‘house soap’ because it was left in the shower.

So the end result is that I do like Wisteria Blue.  And like all of the Nest Perfumes, the bottles are quite lovely and very crave-able. It seems that I will now definitely be picking up at least one for my collection, but which one has yet to be decided. At the moment Indigo might be slightly edging out Wisteria Blue, but only by half a breath. The problem is that they are scents for different times of the year and each put me in a different frame of mind. With two more on the list to try and possibly others down the road to add to the list, I strongly suspect more than one will end up added to my collection. That wasn’t the plan, but I’m not really complaining. The bottles are really very pretty and I do love finding new scents to try.


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