Behold the Mighty Marshmallow – It’s Face Mask Friday

I know I should be a little more adult but occasionally, I am not. For example today, as soon as I managed to get my face mask on – The Mighty Marshmallow Bright and Radiant whipped mask by Bliss – there was a mighty pounding on my front door.

This was not a light tapping, this was a heavy knocking like police on cop show raids or the contractor working next door announcing a gas main was cut and the entire neighborhood is gonna blow kind of knocking on the door. Being the only one home, I naturally raced forward, wondering what I should grab should an evacuation be eminent.

It was to my surprise not anyone from the construction site. (I’ll admit while they have been quiet this week after the whole house vibrating water shut off, I’ve been prepared for inadvertent demolition.) There was no evacuation called. There were just two lovely people prowling the neighborhood looking for people to join their church.

Once I knew disaster was not upon me, I relaxed and momentarily forgot that my face was smeared with a face mask that has the consistency of fluffy pink frosting. their reaction of ‘oh…did ew…um…catch you at a …bad time?’ Did clue me in that something was off. Then the slightly tingling sensation provided by the mask and aided by the cold air pouring in through the open front door reminded me that I was in fact wearing a face mask.

Wait, do I have something on my face?

I know the adult thing to do would have been to acknowledge the fact that I was wearing a face mask. Did I choose to do so?

No. No I did not.

I replied. “No, I’m just working from home today, was there something you needed?”

The man kept opening and closing his mouth as though unsure what to say. The woman of the pair kept sort of half lifting her hand up to her face as she stutteringly invited me to join them on Sunday. She sounded very hesitant as to wheter she really wanted me to join them.

I wasn’t offended but I did try to look interested instead of amused while they sped through what I think was supposed to be a much longer speech. They were Baptists which I hadn’t gotten before. Working from home I get Mormons once a quarter and Jehovah’s Witnesses stopping by in the spring. we usually get visits just before christmas and then nothing until right before Easter when it seems like everyone is competing for my soul.

After telling them I was good and sending them on their way, I lingered near the front door. No I was not trying to be extra creepy, although the thought did cross my mind. They were going to my neighbor Agnes’ house and as she has dementia, I kept an eye out since I saw her care nurse leave a little while earlier. I like Agnes and she seems to like me, although I am confident she thinks I’m someone else.

Agnes threatened to turn the hose on them.

Its a hollow threat since the hose has been unhooked and stashed in her shed for several months now. Her daughter put it away on the same day I was putting mine away and we chatted. But it was cold so they decided it was best to continue on their way without further ado.

I felt a little sorry for them.

It wasn’t quite the relaxing face mask afternoon break I planned, but I can honestly say I didn’t think about work once. Now I have clean and glowing skin, and for some reason the scent of this always clears my sinuses out so I am breathing better as well. I think there is eucalyptus in it somewhere. That’s usually what gets my sinuses open. This is a mask that has been on the market a while and it is one I have repeatedly purchased and generally make sure I have on hand. It smells fresh and clean, feels like you are smoothing frosting on your face and leaves your skin soft and dewy fresh. All items in the plus column of my book and a very good reason to keep it stocked.

My attempt to clean out my inbox was only marginally effective so I have to get back to it, but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed both my mask and my interlude of non-work interaction.

All hail the Mighty Marshmallow.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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