A Tale of Two Moisturizers: Biossance

Two Biossance Moisturizers featuring Squalane

Between my love of skin care and my love of gardening, even if I haven’t tried every common plant based ingredient touted in skin care, I have at least heard of most of them.  I’ll admit, when I saw squalene touted as a main ingredient in many of Biossance’s moisturizers, I was intrigued.

I do love a good research break.

For the science minded, Squalane is a saturated and stable hydrocarbon derived by hydrogenation of squalene.

Yeah, that wasn’t terribly helpful to me either.

Apparently, it gets its name from Squalus, a genus of sharks, because originally it was derived from shark liver oil.  These days it is derived from plants almost exclusively from what I can find.  While the plants vary, Biossance uses a sugarcane derived version.

So no sharks were harmed in the creating of the oil. Although I have to say, I do like that the name remains.

Apparently despite stealing it from sharks, squalene is found naturally in the skin and it is used primarily to lock in moisture (as an emollient).

So now that I knew no sharks were harmed and what the oil was supposed to achieve, I have to say I was more intrigued. (I also have to say I didn’t think Biossance harmed sharks or anything else for that matter as they are all about sustainability and clean products, I just found the shark bit interesting. I like knowing how things got their names as well as what they do.)

The Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer

So I went onto their site, more curious than before. When you go to the shop skin care section there is a link marked SAMPLES. Even more intrigued I clicked on it and found that for $7 I could order sample sets.  Each set comes with two products. I really like that.  I have tried a lot of skin care and the truth is that not all skincare works for everyone.  There are some products that work great on one person and fail miserably on another. We all have different skin and live different lives in different places.  It would be really strange if everything worked the same on all of us.

With skin care, trying out new products can be a pricy endeavor. If I can try out the sample size for a much smaller price ($7 for two samples versus $52 and $58 for each of the regular sized products respectively) then I am much more willing to try them. Providing there is enough of a sample to make it worth the effort. So I ordered the Mini Hydration Heroes set, which consisted of a 0.3 ounce size of the SQUALANE + PROBIOTIC GEL MOISTURIZER (full size $52) and 0.5 ounce size of  the SQUALANE + OMEGA REPAIR CREAM (full size $58).

The Squalane + Omega Repair Cream

And then I waited. 

Truthfully the wait was not long. From time of order to arriving on my doorstep was four days. So Excellent shipping time.  The mailer was thick brown paper and completely recycleable as were the two boxes containing the moisturizers.  The jars were glass and I was also able to recycle them as well when I was done with them.

Because of their smaller size, I wasn’t sure how long I was going to be able to do a trial.  My initial thoughts were to try them out, see if I liked the cream and then if I did, order a full sized jar of one of them for a full trial. I also had trouble picturing how large 0.3 and 0.5 ounces was going to be. Because of the creams and the types of creams they were, I was able to get twelve days of use out of them.  Usually I run a two week trial before making any determination but this was only short by two days, so I figured I would go ahead with my review. Although truthfully I will be ordering one of the creams in full size for my own use.

But more on that in a minute.

First, let me go through the two moisturizers.

There is the SQUALANE + PROBIOTIC GEL MOISTURIZER which according to the site is…

An extra-gentle weightless gel that helps to calm and soothe skin with visible redness—even skin with rosacea. Infused with probiotic, it strengthens skin’s natural barrier and restores balance. Formulated with our sugarcane-derived, sustainable squalane oil to help keep skin hydrated. (it) Improves and maintains hydration on skin’s surface,  Calms the look of skin redness, Reduces the appearance of pore size.

All in all, no over the top claims and a generally good list of pros.  The second moisturizer was the SQUALANE + OMEGA REPAIR CREAM which is…

A whipped texture moisturizer, rich in lipids and ceramides, to exceptionally hydrate, plump and smooth skin. It leaves skin radiant, improves the appearance of fine lines for a healthy-looking complexion. A rich, decadent cream with all the good fats (lipids) your skin needs to deeply moisturize without leaving a greasy after feel. Formulated with lipids that mimic and support skin’s natural moisture barrier: squalane, omega fatty acids, ceramides and plant sterols help nourish, plump, hydrate and feed your skin.

Again, not bad things to do and no over the top magic claims.

The first jar I opened was the gel moisturizer.  It understandable has a gel like texture. Due in part to this texture, it practically melts into the skin. Very little is needed and there is little to no wait before you can begin applying your morning makeup.  I do my skin care in the bathroom and my makeup at the dressing table on the other side of the bedroom.  By the time I walked between the two, the moisturizer was absorbed and my skin ready to receive makeup with no problems.

The omega repair cream is a whipped cream so it has a much different texture.  It, unsurprisingly is a whipped looking cream. (I know my descriptions, so inspiring) Because of its texture, it takes a little longer to absorb into the skin.

The first day I tried the Gel moisturizer in the morning and again at night.  The second night I tried the whipped moisturizer in the morning and in the evening.  Given the way they performed, I decided to use the gel moisturizer in the morning and then use the whipped one at night.  This was how I was able to get the longer trial from the jars.

However, it is more than about me stretching a product to fit a time line.  Because of the way it absorbs into the skin, I really liked the gel moisturizer in the morning.  It was not greasy yet left my skin fantastically hydrated. However I found it a bit to light at night.  I wanted something a little heavier at night than it could provide.   

As a contrast, I found the whipped moisturizer took a little too long to absorb in the mornings.  It wasn’t heavy at all, it was only a time issue.  I really did like it at night though.  It made an excellent night cream.

My skin tends to be on the normal to combination line.  While I get a little oily in my T zone towards the end of the day, I am pretty good with most products.  I think if I had oilier skin, I would lean more towards the Probiotic Gel Moisturizer  than the whipped Omega repair moisturizer and if I was dryer of skin I would lean towards Omega rather than Probiotic.  As it was I could use both of them and I liked both of them. The  SQUALANE + PROBIOTIC GEL MOISTURIZER in the day and the SQUALANE + OMEGA REPAIR CREAM at night. If you remember the beginning of this post, I did say there was one I would order a full sized jar of and that is the SQUALANE + OMEGA REPAIR CREAM. While the probiotic Gel Moisturizer was good, I have tried products that were just as good for a lower price. It wasn’t something I couldn’t get elsewhere.  The Omega repair cream is one of the best night creams I have tried. Many night creams have more of a grease factor or clog my pores.  This was not heavy or greasy and there were no pores blocked during the use. I will be ordering this to keep on hand as a night cream.  While I will of course try other night creams, this has now become the one to beat.

In addition to ordering it, I will also be trying their other sample kits to see what other products may be worth adding to my skin care squad. I love that I can try these products before committing to an entire jar and I love that I have found a new night cream.

I also love that I now have a new factoid to use during shark week.

I know that isn’t what Biossance intended, but it is a plus in my book.

In addition to the Mini Hydration set, there are several other sample sets (as well as travel and full sized products, obviously) on the site. I think it is a great way to try new things without breaking the budget. If you want to give it a try you can click on the link below, it will take you to their site and just go to their products menu and you’ll see Samples listed as a category to choose. Easy Peasy.

Biossance - 100% Plant Derived & Sustainably Sourced Squalane

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