Palette of the Week: Soph x from Revolution

I have to say, I was very relieved when I pulled out this palette last week. Recently It seems that all the palettes that I have been pulling out of my shadow drawer have either been complete neutrals palettes or they have been small size pan travel palettes. There might be some exaggeration but that is the way it feels.

I think it might be because I was attending a lot of meetings and traveling over the holidays so those palettes were on the top of the drawer to begin with. Or I could just have a lot of neutrals palettes,. Finding out is one of the reasons I’m doing this palette of the week thing. It forces me to not grab the same palette every day and actually use all the ones I have. and if I can’t use them for the week, then maybe they don’t deserve space in my limited makeup drawer.

That was not the case with this one. This is one of my favorite palettes for a pop of color. Thee is very little fall out and while I wouldn’t describe the shadows as butter soft, they are incredibly blendable. The black, as all black shadows needs a little extra care to avoid going overboard, but it is great for creating a smokey eye. The pinks and mauves are all excellent for a one and done shadow look and the shimmers are shimmery enough for a little flash but not something that will cause a ruckus in the office.

At least not when used dry. They have more pop when they are applied with a damp brush. which is pretty consistent for all shimmers I think. over all this isn’t a splashy night out palette though. It is an good everyday palette for someone who wants the option of a little color. It is a good array of shades so there is no boredom and they blend and layer beautifully. This is one of those palettes that I love to use but that tends to get buried and forgotten. I am so glad I got the chance to pull it up to the light for a week.

My favorite everyday look? Danger (a mauve color), layered with Peaches (a lighter pink) and then popped up with the gold of Grow Old. In the day I can use this for meetings by applying with only dry brushes, then if going out later, touch up the gold with a damp brush. Once applied, the shadows last all day and so only the slight glam up is needed.

It is a fun, but not over the top, palette to work with and as i said before it was a huge relief to pull out a palette with some color after all those neutrals. Not that this palette doesn’t have its neutrals, but I have to admit, this week, I really only used them when I needed to tone down some of the brighter shades.

I will also say that when I pulled this palette out, I remembered I had several other Revolution products. While the foundation stick I picked up for my travel foundation test is sadly worn to an unusable nub (and colored for my summer tanned skin rather than my winter pale) I used a different foundation.

Don’t worry my darlings, I will be picking up more Revolution Foundation for my grand trial. After the wonderful performance of the stick foundation, there is no way it will be left off the list.

The primer was actually from Benefit it was the pearl primer (a long standing favorite and one I think that is better than their regular Pore professional). The highlighter was from the Revolution palette this week as well. I really like their highlighter palette because you get three shades and can decide exactly how bright or subtle you want the highlighter because they too blend well also.

The lips were a Becca lip gloss in champagne as I didn’t want to go too crazy when I used the black eyeshadow.

Revolution US 900 x 231

Benefit Cosmetics LLC

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