Cleaning up with La Roche-Posay

I have heard a friend of mine espousing the praises of La Roche-Posay for a while now so when I came across the cleanser at Walgreens, I had to try it. I was very surprised to find it at Walgreens as I thought it would be something I would have to order on-line. 

While I order a lot of things on line, cleansers I use a lot of and often forget that I need to reorder until I am actually out. Because of this I like to have at least two options that I can just run out and pick up when that happens.  (even if I sternly tell myself that next time, next time I will pay more attention and maybe even order a backup in advance.  Admittedly I think it’s the backups that get me.  I pick up a backup and crow victoriously when I am able to use the backup instead of running out and needing to buy an emergency replacement.  Then I forget to replace the back up and there you are.  It is the circle of life.  Or at least cleansers, in my world.)

So to get back on track, I picked up the La Roche-Posay Toleraine Purifying foaming cleanser (prices seem to range from $23.99 to $14 99 depending on where you pick it up.  I think Walgreens is the $14.99 while the $23.99 is at Ulta.  No clue why there is a price difference as both appear to be a little over 22 ounces.)

Makeup on before cleansing (when I tied back my hair I changed shirts in case you were wondering about the change)

The claims of the cleanser are simple, yet important.

PURIFYING FOAMING CREAM: This cream cleanser gently removes impurities and makeup from combination to oily sensitive skin without overdrying.

Pretty straight forward.

First off, the cleanser, when dispensed is a clear gel like substance. When applied to the damp skin it gets frothy, but I wouldn’t say it gets super foamy.  It is more in the sudsy realm. You aren’t going to get a massive amount of bubbles.  

But bubbles aren’t everything.

Unless it’s champagne.

Then they are rather important.

clear gel cleanser

But this is cleanser.  I tried it first on a full face of makeup.  I put a little water on my skin to get things started and then let the cleanser lose to see what it could do.  (incidentally the cleanser has virtually no scent for those of you who are sensitive to such things.)

Lathering up. It’s sudsy but not really foamy

So I rubbed and lathered and then slashed water on my face to rinse.  I’m sure you are familiar with the procedure.  Lo and behold it looked like my makeup was removed.  I didn’t have to do any hard scrubbing and my skin didn’t feel stripped back to something I would need a ton of moisturizer to revive.  But would it pass the toner test?

Not even a mascara smear left behind

After I cleanse, I apply toner with a white cotton round.  Very often with cleansers there is residue left behind, which is why my evening routine usually consists of more than just cleanser.  Sometimes I use a makeup removing balm and other times just the Make-up Eraser. (I am a huge fan of the make-up eraser actually. It helps keep the cost/ amount of products I need to use daily down.)

After toning I looked at the cotton round checking to see what was left behind by the cleanser.  It turns out, very little was left behind.  This cleanser really took off my make-up leaving very little behind.  I was impressed. 

The toner test. The cotton round was really clean, the darker pids are where it is wet and pressed against my fingers rather than left over makeup.

On other nights I used the La Roche-Posay cleanser in conjunction with other products and there was no issue with a tag team effort.  I have to say though, I really like that I didn’t have to use another product with this cleanser to insure that my make-up came off.  The fact that it can be used as a complete standalone is a fantastic attribute.  While there are some nights I just want a quick wash and done, it also means I can just pack it when I travel. As most of my travels employ a single suitcase space is always an issue.

This product definitely makes it onto the list of products I will be purchasing again. Even if I do have to listen to a friend’s ‘I told you so.’ I don’t mind being wrong.  Especially if I find a new product out of the deal.

Of course now I need to look into their other products and find out if they are just as good as the cleanser or if this is their rock star. Which means more products to test. Nice.

In case you are interested, I’ve put two coupon codes below, one for La Roche Posay and one for the Make-up Eraser. Hopefully they will be of use to those of you seeking to come clean.

Enjoy 20% off orders $50+. Use Code: HAPPYSKIN Valid: 2/3-2/7.

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