Walk on Air by Kate Spade

This was a strange week for me.  It was filled with mishaps and calamities the likes of which were more surprising and time consuming than horrifying. Don’t get me wrong, they were relatively easy to deal with in the grand scheme of things but they made any attempt at scheduling seem like a joke.  It is at times like these that I really like having a perfume on hand to lighten the mood. 

Or at least help control my mental state through scent.

That being said, this was a good week for me to be testing the Kate Spade Walk on Air perfume. I believe it is Scentbird’s scent of the month.  I’m not certain whether that month was January of February, but I enjoyed having it now.  I’m pretty sure it was my January pick, but to be honest, I’ve gotten behind on my perfumes.  At the holidays I tend not to wear any because we have a couple of people who are sensitive to scent and it is easier just not to wear any.  It is entirely possible that this was December’s scent.  I’m pretty sure it was January’s though.  Regardless, I wore it this week.

The description reads…

Walk on air by Kate Spade New York is a fragrance that celebrates the graceful confidence of its wearer. Sweet and tender layers of lily of the valley, magnolia and crinum lily caress the skin like a breath of fresh air. The fragrance exudes delight. It’s an invitation to seize the day and envelop yourself in the promise of something wonderful.

The scent, when sprayed on the wrist is lightly floral with back notes of citrus. I’m not entirely certain about seizing the day, but it was nice and calming during the neighbor’s impromptu mudslide. It is definitely a light day scent that wouldn’t cause raised eyebrows at the office for being too sultry.  It also sticks close to the skin instead of sending out a cloud of scent so it is really just a personal scent.  If your coworkers complain about it invading their nostrils, they are probably invading your personal space.

In that case, HR is down the hall and to the left.

In all seriousness though it is a light enough scent that you could get away with it in a cubicle environment without causing any sensitive noses issues. I generally find that a spritz on the wrists and neck lasts, scent wise, until about midafternoon. The scent will be a bare whisper of a ghost by about four o’clock.  Which is not a bad thing.  This is definitely a day scent.  It is not something I would reapply at night I would go with more of an evening scent then.

Personally, I am tickled by that.  Because I tend to gravitate towards the spicier scents, I now have several evening and night scents to call on.  I don’t really have any day scents that I have purchased for my collection. I think that I will be purchasing this one for day time wear.  I also think I will be looking into more Kate Spade scents in the future.  I have to admit even though I’ve seen all of the pretty bottles, I never actually added any to my try on list. This may have to change. Walk on Air is definitely a keeper for me.


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