The Serum and the Sheet, Its the Friday Face Mask

Today’s sheet mask and the serum of the same name

Welcome to the Friday Face mask. Today I decided to go with the Sweet Chef Kale + Vitamin B fresh Pressed Sheet mask (retail $3.50 per mask). It came in my IPSY Ultimate box for February (the box review will be posted Monday).

The reason I decided to use this one today was because I wanted to do a comparison. Last month I received the Sweet Chef Kale + Vitamin B Serum in an IPSY box and I still have a little of the serum left.

If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it. It is a great serum. The thin dropper is probably going to drive me mad, but the product is good. With sheet masks I always wonder if the serum is the same as the serum applied to the sheet.

The Serum is on the left and the serum from the mask on the right, not only is there a clear visual difference but the scent is not the same. The sheet seems to be a thinned out version.

In this case, I don’t think it is. The serum is slightly different in color and smells a little different. It does not smell as fresh and green as the bottled serum. It still smelled nice, but it didn’t have the same intensely green scent. I was hoping they were the same as IPSY sent a three pack of masks, Ginger and Beet being the other two, and I figured it would let me know if I wanted to purchase and try those serums.
But this is about the Kale mask. So first the claims…

The Sweet Chef Kale + Vitamin B Fresh Pressed Sheet Mask dishes ultimate hydration for selfie-approved results. Superfood kale and vitamin B are combined to calm, nourish, and moisturize skin, serving up an instantly hydrated and glowing complexion.

Pretty standard as far as claims go, so I ripped open the package and unfolded the mask. The sheet mask is a bit different than other masks. It is thicker and more cloth like and really molds to the skin. It didn’t slip or curl and I believe it is biodegradable, which I really like. It stayed in place and was quite refreshing to wear. The serum absorbed well and instead of rested I felt rather invigorated after taking my twenty minute Friday afternoon mask break.

The sheet mask on and yes, I realize I look like a very poorly dressed bank robber. with strange facial tattoos. For those concerned, the writing and Kale image are on the sheet, not me. And I have not turned to a life of crime.

I really enjoyed this mask even if it wasn’t the same as the bottled serum. Since I liked both of them I am hoping that I will like the other two sheet masks. If I do, I think I would probably enjoy those serums as well since it seems like the serum in the bottle is a super amped up version of what is on the mask. As I am trying to work through my stack of sheet masks, I probably would only use them as an indication of my like or dislike for the serum rather than purchasing them individually.

Now invigorated from by break, I am going back to work to see if I can close out a few things before I start getting ready for valentine’s dinner. Tonight is a candle lit dinner for two at Chez Moi. The chocolate mousse is already chilling in the fridge and the lamb chops and veggie sides won’t take that long to complete. I just have to move the stack of junk mail from the table and I will be set. I just have one last editing job to clear from my slate and then I will begin. I hope everyone out there has a great Valentines night as well.

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