IPSY Ultimate Review February 2020

February 2020 IPSY Ultimate Box

This month, I have to admit, I was not too enthused by the IPSY Ultimate.  For those who don’t know, IPSY Ultimate is a $50 per month beauty box.  For this, you are supposed to get twelve products, eight full sized and four deluxe sample sized.  I can’t actually say why I wasn’t terribly enthused when I saw the listed products.  All of the products are good products, but the assortment left me a little flat and wondering if the box was worth the value. 

Normally beauty boxes come with cards listing the value of the items.  Sometimes IPSY does this, other times they don’t.  For the value of the products I went onto the IPSY web site and copied down the full sized values they had listed for the full sized products to get my own listed value.

So without further ado, lets get into the box.  First up is the  SWEET CHEF Fresh Pressed Sheet Masks in Kale + Vitamin B, Beet + Vitamin A, and Ginger + Vitamin C (Retail $10.50).  These are good masks, I actually used one last Friday for my Face mask Friday post.  I like them and I like the brand.  I am not a huge fan of sheet masks however, which is noted in my profile.  I checked.  I also checked and despite me listing my lack of enthusiasm for sheet masks I have received them in all but one box since the inaugural box in October. While they are a good product, I have an issue with sheet masks being considered a full sized product in this context.  For a $50 box it feels cheap.

My second product was a jarred mask from FEEL.  It was the Harmony Rose Petal Facial Mask ( Value $55). It is a full size and I have to say I have no complaints with it.  The product is a decent size, I love non-sheet masks and I like the scent of rose. In fact once a year I get a jar of the Fresh Rose face mask as a birthday treat for myself.  I think it will be interesting to see how this compares.  I have tried FEEL products before and absolutely adore their cleanser.  Hopefully this is also on par.

Next out of the box was my first deluxe sample.  It is the AVETTE Water Flash Coconut Water Cream.  Because it is a deluxe sample there was no listed value. I like face creams and I love trying new ones. If I can get two weeks’ worth of product out of the deluxe sample then I will review it in a post. Last month I received a set of sheet masks from AVETTE, but have yet to try them.

CATHERINE MALANDRINO’s Dream Fragrance in a deluxe sample was the next item in my IPSY box this month and I have to say the deluxe sample is a good sixe.  It is on par with the size sent by Scent Box each month so I have no complaints. I wore the scent all last week and will be putting up a post about it soon.

DOUCCE COSMETICS Punk Volumizer Mascara in Black (Retail $24) was one of my full sized items this month.  I am oddly enough running low on mascara.  It is not a terribly exciting item, but for me it is useful so I was glad to see it.  I have to say though my first thought was, at least it isn’t eyeliner.  The only issue I have is that they have been sending this item out in other bags for months, which makes this feel a little like they are trying to clear out stock. I understand that this is sometimes necessary, but at the same time, this is the Ultimate box.  Nothing in it should ever feel like a left over.

One product that I was curious about was the TULA: The Cult Classic Purifying Face Cleanser.  It is a deluxe sample size so no retail value on that I am afraid. I know this cleanser has been featured in other boxes like FAB FIT FUN and I have seen many rave reviews about it so I look forward to giving it a try myself.  Since they put Cult Classic on the tube, I expect good things.

PLAYA New Day Mist (retail $24) was also an intriguing addition to my box this month. Given that I spend so much time at the gym as I try and whittle down my weight, dry shampoo has become a staple for me.  I really like the thought of a mist that has similar claims as a dry shampoo and I look forward to trying it out in my post gym routine, especially as it is a product type I have not seen before.

SKYLAR Hydrating Body Lotion in Capri in a deluxe size was in my box this month. It was a deluxe size which means I can add it to my purse easily.  At the moment I have several hand creams open and will leave this sealed for a little while until I run low.  I am kind of picky when it comes to lotions and the only thing I know about SKYLAR is that they do perfumes.  It will be interesting to see how I like the scent.

Also in this box was a full sized lipstick from FOLLY FIRE.  It was the Matte Manipulation Creamy Matte Lipstick in Sunset Blvd (retail $15). As it was lipstick I of course opened it right away to see if it was going to be a good addition to my collection.  I had never tried FOLLY FIRE so I was curious.  The lipstick however was broken and unusable.  I contacted IPSY and a replacement is being sent out to me.  So I will have to wait for a bit on this.  Oddly this is the first time I have ever gotten a replacement product from IPSY.  Overall they ship well to me. So I will be interested to see how the return/replacement process goes.

The GRACE & STELLA Rose Quartz Facial Roller (retail $29) was also in my IPSY Ultimate this month.  It came in a lovely box and it is a beautiful tool. It was one of the choice items this month.  I did not choose it though, I chose the eyeshadow palette.  While it is very pretty and I like the look of it.  I find the stone rollers to be a little gimmicky. I’ll try it and who knows perhaps it will be something I can’t live without, but honestly unless it does something fantastic, I doubt I’ll use it.  I suspect it is going to end up as a decorative element on my dressing table. But I will try and keep an open mind as I try to use it.

I am always it seems looking for new brushes and this month a set of eyeshadow brushes from SHAINA B, the Eyes on Miami Brush Set to be exact (retail $40) was in my box.  While they are nice brushes, densely packed but soft bristles, I really have a hard time seeing them as worth $40. I also see no correlation to Miami as they are simple black handled brushes.  It is a set of five plain, but decent eyeshadow brushes. Nice, not terribly exciting and certainly overpriced, but nice.

Finally we get to the product I actually chose the MAKEUP GEEK Peach Bellini Eyeshadow Palette (retail $20). I love the shades and I will be using them this week so I will be reporting back on them next Monday for my Palette of the Week post.  I have high hopes as Makeup Geek always has really good quality products.

While I don’t have retail value on all of the products the ones I was able to figure out come to a grand total of $217.50.  So over all it was a good return on the $50 investment in the box.  I doubt I will use the quartz roller (unless it works spectacularly well when I test it) and I really think the shadow brushes were overpriced, but over all the box contains products I will use. 

Some of the products felt like they were clearing out stock and using sheet masks as a full sized item always feels cheap, but over all it was an okay box. It was not exciting. And it feels like there were a lot of little tubes this month, which again leave me underwhelmed.

IPSY has always managed to do this.  They alternate between great boxes and blah boxes for me.  They are getting better from their first box in October which was a complete dud, but still this was kind of a blah month for me.  I suspect that next month will be pretty good though.  Not only do they alternate between great and blah, but March is also the BoxyCharm Boxyluxe month.

As Boxyluxe too is $50 it means they are going head to head, comparison wise, for those who purchase beauty subscription boxes.  They are the same price so comparisons are inevitable.  As I get both boxes, I will definitely be making the comparison. 

Truth be told, if IPSY doesn’t step up Ultimate in March, then I will more than likely going back to the $25 glam bag plus instead of the Ultimate. I might perhaps switch to ultimate in Boxy luxe months as a changeup, but I don’t know if I will continue with Ultimate every month moving forward.  Much of this will be determined by next month’s IPSY Ultimate.

Even though Valentines is over, there are still deals going on and I’m pasting some coupons below for those who want to use them. Enjoy.

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