BoxyCharm February 2020 Review

February BoxyCharm Base box

This month’s BoxyCharm was really quite enjoyable.  For those who don’t know, this is the $25 per month box referred to as the Base box in the BoxyCharm Tier of subscriptions.  The box comes with five full sized products each month, one of which you can actually choose. 

Because I am still on a find a foundation kick, the next post on the great foundation quest up tomorrow actually, I chose the Becca Full coverage Foundation (retail $44). It is supposed to be a twenty-four hour foundation.  I’m not certain I want to wear a foundation for a full twenty-four hours, but it will be interesting to see what it looks and feels like on the skin.

The next item, or items I guess I should say as it was a trio, was a set of three Alamar Complexion brushes (retail $36).  They are densely bristled and soft to the touch. They are also in sizes I really like. They are termed complexion brush, bronzer brush and brightening brush.  I have to say I think $36 for the trio is actually a fair price.  I know I complained yesterday about the shadow brush set being marked as $40, but given the size and the quality of the brushes I think $36 is a fair price.

My BoxyCharm came with a setting powder this month and I am always looking for setting powders.  Even with no makup on, if I am going to the gym or something, I still give myself a dusting of powder to take off the shine, it is a habit that means I am always using up and running out of powder. This one was the Ciate London Everyday Vaccay Coconut Setting powder.  It is a loose powder and it is apparently not supposed to have the white cast that other Ciate powders have. I am working on finishing up a powder now so I will set it to the side and not open it until then as I don’t like wasting product. But it is definitely something I am looking forward to using and that I will get a lot of use out of.

Because really, even if the product is fabulous, if you aren’t going to use it, what’s the point?

The First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance pads (retail $16) made me smile when I saw it.  I love the brand First Aid Beauty as their products are always good.  The reason I smiled though was that I haven’t used toner pads since my early high school days when I was trying to combat rampaging acne.  I know that is not the use of all toner pads, but it is my mental association. Because lord, knows I used a flotilla of them in high school. Again I am trying to clear out a few open cleansers before I open these, so they don’t dry out and become unusable, but when I open them, I am certain there will be some nostalgic morning moments. It should be interesting.

Finally we come to the EVIO Beauty Refreshing Hemp Wipes (retail $10).  I’m really glad they labeled it $10 because it feels like a ten dollar sized pack rather than a large one. To be honest, the size on this almost felt like it was a trial pack.  Larger than a deluxe sample but smaller than a full sixed one.  I haven’t found anything to justify that opinion, but it is still what I think. Either way I am okay with the $10 price for the size, even though with way the name reads my first thought was why would I be refreshing Hemp. I know foolish of me. I have to say even though I try not to pick up makeup wipes, they are really useful to have around. It is especially useful as my dressing table is on the other side of the room from the bathroom so there is no water immediately to hand. I tried one already and really like it.  It isn’t the best at removing mascara, but it is good with everything else, especially correcting minor slips with product at the dressing table. I think I will really enjoy having them around.

What I found interesting about this month’s BoxyCharm box was that the card describing the contents and their values was sent via e-mail instead of in the box.  There was no mention of this change anywhere so I am not sure if it was an accident they moved to correct before people complained or if it is a deliberate choice to save costs and paper.  I imagine printing up the cars each months is a sizable chunk of change and time. Either way according to my electronic insert sheet, I had box variation #48.  The grand total of value for my $25 BoxyCharm box came to $128. I consider this a good box.  There was no one super expensive item (like the $100 creams or serums in other boxes) bumping up the price into a higher range. There were just good appropriately priced products, all of which I will actually use. I think I can definitely call this a win for BoxyCharm this month.

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