Foundation Quest continues with Nude Illusion Liquid Foundation

Nude Illusion Liquid Foundation from Wander Beauty

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Time for another installment of Foundation Quest 2020.  This is the third foundation in this run of tests.  I plan to test five in this segment and then once I’ve tested each for a week’s worth of wear, I will be lining all five up on my dressing table and see which one or ones I end up reaching for and why.

Thus far in this section I have posted my test for and ELF Foundation and one from Too Faced and they have both performed fairly well, or at least well enough to remain in the ‘which will I reach for test’. This test of the Wander Beauty Nude Illusions Liquid Foundation is the third in this run and it will be followed with Becca and an Ulta Brand Foundation.

I am separating the segments, partially to give each formula a fair shot and partially because I feel opening too many products at a time would be wasteful.  With five there is also enough product that I can really see which one (s) I am drawn to more.

So to the Wander Beauty. 

The first thing I have to mention though is a secondary product by Wander Beauty.  It is the unsung hero, the back up dancer who has actually been with me through each of my foundation tests.  To keep these week long trials as uniform as possible, I am trying to use as many of the same back up players as possible to cut down on variation. I’ve mentioned most of the repeat cast by now.  The ELF finishing powder. The Benefit Gold Rush Blush. The Trestique Bronzing stick.  While lipstick and eye shadow change, those remain the same. Incidentally today’s pictures also feature Makeup Geek eyeshadow, Dr. Facilier lipstick from Colourpop and what is rapidly becoming my new favorite mascara the Scandalous WOW Wings from Rimmel.

But there is one product I haven’t mentioned and that is the Wander Beauty Glow Ahead Illuminating Face oil. While I sometimes wear primer and sometimes don’t with these tests, I have always added this to my skin before continuing with my makeup application. 

For those of you looking for matte skin and are looking at the word illuminating and thinking, ‘I don’t think so’, I would say think again.  This doesn’t make the foundation dewy or high gloss. It does however help keep your skin from drying out under the foundation.  I’ve noticed that a lot of matte foundations can make my skin feel dryer than normal.  The dryer it gets the more cracks appear in the foundation.  By applying this first, I help prevent that issue from occurring. 

The glow oil

The Glow Ahead face oil is part of Wander Beauty’s Skin award winning on-the-go beauty essentials and skin care line and therefore more in the skin care category, but since I wear it under all my foundations and this is a Wander Beauty Foundation Test, I figured I would mention it here. Although if I continue to wear it for all my tests I am going to need to pick up a replacement bottle soon. As you can see this one is starting to run out.

So on to the Foundation.  The Nude Illusion Foundation comes in a tube and has a doe foot applicator.  I don’t have a problem with the doe foot, but I did notice that if I pulled the applicator out too quickly then there were a few droplets of foundation that sprayed out on the dressing table.  They were little dots so it didn’t waste much product, it is just something to keep in mind when using it. While it is easily wiped off the table, little dots can affect a white shirt. So just be aware of it. I think the reason I’m not mad about it is that it means there is a tight seal so less air gets to the product.

Foundation, like any other beauty product has its claims and this is no different.  According to the Wander Beauty Product page…

This lightweight, skincare-enriched, liquid foundation provides full coverage with a natural, radiant finish. Nude Illusion gives skin a filtered finish with all-day coverage, without ever feeling heavy. It resists heat, humidity, and sweat. As little as one layer magically makes blemishes, redness, and discoloration disappear, with an undetectable, skin-like finish.

The formula is enriched with niacinamide to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and even skin tone. It also contains lotus extract to help balance sebum production and support natural skin elasticity.

Nude Illusion Liquid Foundation has been expertly designed in a tube with a doe-foot applicator to make it easy to apply as foundation with even coverage. It can also be used as a targeted concealer, or to spot cover imperfections.

Okay so to the product.

The doe foot made it easy to apply and I did spot correct while applying.  I like that I could apply the foundation to my skin, recap the foundation and then get my brush out to blend without the foundation going dry and hard to work on me.  It made it really convenient to work with, especially in the mornings.

just the foundation with the stripes all blended out

It blended out really easily and is as full coverage as it claims.  It also feels weightless on the skin.  While it felt like nothing was there after applying it, the product did not get heavier throughout the day and remained weightless. I actually felt my lipstick more than I felt the foundation.  I cannot complain about that. It also did even my skin tone and was less mask like then I usually associate with full coverage foundations.

Close up at the beginning of an 8 hour day of wear and makeup just finished

While I don’t think it is a miracle wrinkle eraser, it did cover my fine lines well and more importantly, it didn’t settle into them as the day progressed. Around mid-day, I saw a little shine in the t-zone and did a quick powder dust to deal with it then went on my way.

To be honest as the week wore on I had very few complains about this product. Most of the days I wore this between six to eight hours.  I had one really long day where I wore it twelve and after twelve it did look a little on the oily side and was starting to settle into my lines and peel up a little around my mouth. 

End of the same day, a little worn but not emphasizing lines or peeling away.

I do not typically wear makeup for a full twelve hours though so that wasn’t really a major concern for me. Also this doesn’t make claims about 12 to 24 hour coverage so I’m not that bothered by it.  I think this is a great foundation to wear during the day. It is very easy to simply forget that you have it on.

My one caution would be that it does tend to oxidize a bit, so when you pick a shade, err on the lighter side. I got one shade lighter than I thought I was going to be and it worked out really well for me. In the photos you can see it did wear away a little on my nose but my reading glasses do that with every foundation.

Over all I am very pleased with the way this foundation performed in my initial trial and look forward to using it again. I also need to remember to reorder my Glow Ahead Face oil. It is fluffed out a little in the picture and really needs to be replaced.

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Tune it for my Next foundation test which will be from the Ulta Brand line.

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