The Water Diaries: Week 1

The end of week one of my thirty day water challenge

For some reason that title makes my inner voice sound like Jacques Cousteau.

…Join us as we explore the undersea world, a world inhabited by fascinating creatures, a world under the sea.

Admittedly for the first few days of my water trial it felt like I swallowed most of the ocean, sans saline and undersea creatures of course.

For those just tuning in, after discovering that drinking between eight and ten glasses of water was recommended for not only healthy living but for weight loss assistance, I decided to try a thirty day challenge where I attempted to drink the recommended amount each day and see what happened. This is the end of my first week.

The first two days were a bit of a struggle. I felt simply gorged with water and I began to doubt the wisdom of this entire venture. I think I might have eaten less because I was already so full, but it wasn’t noticeably less.

I spent a lot of time visiting the ladies room as well. I learned a very valuable lesson with that actually. The lesson is, drink the most water in the morning so that you are tapering off later in the day. Otherwise you will wake up repeatedly in the night.

I know common sense logic lessons everyone already knows, that’s my strong suit.

Seriously though, drink the bulk of your water early.

The third day was a little harder for me to actually get all of my water in. I started this on a Thursday and the third day was Saturday. Since so many people always state that they will start new things on Monday, I wanted to switch it up so that by Monday it would hopefully already be a habit.

I found it a lot easier to drink all of my water when I had my water bottles lined up on my desk than I did when I was running around on the weekend. I managed, but it was definitely something I had to think about more on the weekend then during the week. I also found that having the three water bottles helped. I could fill them in the morning and then just rotate through them without losing track of refilling them. when one was empty, I set it aside and moved to the next until all three were empty.

I definitely would have lost track over the weekend. So lets here it for collecting multiple water bottles!

In addition, I also noticed something interesting towards the end of the weekend. The scent of my sweat changed a little. Now, I’m not going to claim I smell like a rose, especially after a heavy workout, because we all know that would be a lie. It was like the water was evicting the toxins that were squatting deep in my inner recesses. I was being purged from the inside out. Its not like I was sniffing and thinking ‘oh, I’ve now managed to sweat out my friday night martini’ or ‘there goes whatever was lurking in my red sauce and cabernet from last week’, but it sort of felt like a spring cleaning for my innards.

The odd scent only lasted a day or two and then I just smelled like regular old me again. which was a relief. I have to say I was also glad to have those Busy Beauty Showerless Body Wipes around as well. I also might have been a little extra aggressive when wiping away the sweat. It was a little disconcerting to have my own scent change.

I suppose I can take comfort in the fact that the odd scent change didn’t last. I’m taking it as me having fewer toxins to purge then I would have if the sour scent lasted all week. Right?

while I am keeping track of changes, weight measurements and that sort of thing. I am going to wait and post them in the roundup at the end of the thirty days because I think there will be more of a change, if indeed a change happens. Until then I am just going to post a weekly segment noting the none measurement things I see and learn.

Thus far my lessons can be summed up in three parts.

  1. drink your water early in the day unless you want to be running to the bathroom all night.
  2. multiple water bottles to measure out all your water for the day really helps in consumption, and makes you feel somewhat accomplished when the bottles empty.
  3. body wipes, or extra quick rinse offs in the shower are super helpful if you get to the weird sour sweat smell since smelling like something other than yourself is kind of creepy. It sort of smelled less like me and more like someone was ill. Which thinking about it could be the remains of a sinus infection finally being purged. I might have maligned my Friday Night Martini unnecessarily.

Oh sweet olive dotted gin and vermouth concoction can you ever forgive me?

So those were the lessons I picked up after my first week of the thirty day water challenge. My belly no longer feels over stretched with the load of water I am forcing into it and I feel like the toxins have been washed from my system as I no longer stink.

I can’t wait to see what happens in week two. whatever it is, I’ll keep you posted.

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