Blackheads be gone! Its the Friday Face Mask

Grace and Stella Blackhead removing mask

Welcome to the Friday face mask and oooh boy is the tingling intense today! My mask d’jour is the Grace and Stella Blackhead Peel-off mask.  Despite looking like tar in the hand, it smells of peppermint.  And once on the face it starts to tingle. 

Feel the cooling sensation of mint.

 It gives me goosebumps.

Speaking of goosebumps my baby doll has secured a number of horror movies for this weekend’s perusal.  I’m not sure what they are yet though.  He called them “The selection that means you don’t have to go out in the cold and wet.”

I’m pretty sure that isn’t how Hollywood classifies them, but I do appreciate the thought.  It is not going  to be a pretty weekend out of doors here this weekend.  Cuddling up on the couch with my baby for a horror fest sounds like a much more delightful option than anything out of doors. And he always picks up a good selection when he goes a-rummaging for movies.  Admittedly these days the rummage is mostly electronic.

But he likes poking around on-line.

And he likes monsters in rubber masks.

Admittedly last weekend’s viewing of The Mole People on Svengooli was a bit much even for him. Those masks were all sorts of wrong.

But back to my sort of masks, like all peel of masks, I wear this one until it is fully dry at which time, the tingling has pretty much stopped. Don’t try to take it off early.  You will just make a mess.  Oh and if you have one of those rubberized mask brushes, I’d suggest using it with this one.  I did not and ended up with a bit of an intense hand wash after applying the mask. I’d also suggest making sure the sink is clean as well.  It’s just easier to clean up sooner rather than later.

In case you are wondering what this mask is supposed to do, according to the website…

– Helps remove dirt, dead skin, and blackheads easily

– Gives you visibly smoother skin by removing built up gunk

– Cleans pores as well as pulling out blackheads, making the possibility of new blackheads forming much lower

I recently tried a cream that disagreed with my face and now have quite a few clogged pores to remove which is why I chose this mask for today.  I have to say, I really like the way it performed.  My skin felt smooth and many of my clogged pores are now unclogged.  Not all of them are gone, but a good many of them. So over all I am happy with the performance. 

My only caution is that it tends to crackle into little bits around the edges where the mask is thinner. Then you have little black flakes to deal with.  I’m willing to concede that might be user error though and next time, I’ll try to keep the edge even, or brush off the over dried edges over the trash can before removing the mask.

Either way, I love the cooling peppermint and give this mask a definite thumbs up. Now that my pores are clean, and my editing complete, it is time to contemplate murder.  At least in fictional form. I’ve decided that my main character, aka the murderer, is going to befriend a pharmacist to secure her poison.  Now I just need to figure out what a pharmacist might have behind the counter without ending up on some sort of watch list for wayward writers.  Wish me luck.

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