Weekly Weight: 204.0 lbs

February 21, 2020

Only a 0.6 lbs loss this week, but I am okay with that. First of all a loss is a loss and I am fine with that any day of the week. The second reason is that it has been really cold this week. Rain and rain mixed with snow followed by just plain snow.

that’s not just cold it is ugly cold.

It is car wreck weather.

Luckily that was avoided. In my case though, weather like this means I want to seek out comfort food. Luckily I made a big pot of soup this past sunday and with the use of my trusty measuring cups, I portioned it out well so I had something warm and filling in the afternoons that could be quickly assembled and wasn’t too highly caloric. I think that was my saving grace.

It was a mostly quiet week. I think because of the weather I mostly hunkered down and worked more than anything. I used the gym as mental breaks but other than that, it was smooth sailing.

Kinda nice actually.

Today looks to be kind of quiet as well. Today it is all about editing. But before I break out the red pen and post it note pad,the stats.

Starting weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s weight: 204.6 lbs

This week’s weight: 204.0 lbs

Weight lost this week: 0.6 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 42 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx.): 81 lbs

I am off to insert commas, circle words spell check got wrong and comment about plot defects. Later to day I plan to figure out how a my man character gets her hands on some poison. It was a lont more available when people weren’t using green cleaning products and environmentally friendly garden treatments. No one is going to actually die from the soapy water I keep to spray down the aphids. Does anyone even keep rat poison in the house these days? It’s very inconvenient when you decide your main character is going to be poisoning people. Although good for reality. Maybe she can befriend a pharmacist with shaky ethics and enough debt to take a bribe.

I’ll work something out.

In between the commas and the murder I’ll return for the Friday Face Mask. Now I’m refilling my coffee mug and readying my red pen. Hope everyone has a great morning.

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