Next up on Foundation Quest, Youthful Glow From Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty Youthful Glow Foundation

To be honest, it was not my initial intention to pick up the Ulta Beauty Youthful Glow Foundation when I went to Ulta. I arrived thinking to purchase a bottle of Revolution’s foundation.  I had such success with their stick foundation over the summer I thought it would be worth trying out their liquid version.  When I arrived I found the shelf cleared of all but shade one and shade nine.  After looking around I found one bottle of shade ten, but as I am a five and a half on their foundation scale, it wasn’t very much help to me. 

I was however assured they would be restocking soon, so it will be included in my next round of foundation trials. 

As my plan went awry I took the next best option and I asked the people who happened to be near me at the time for recommendations.  There were two equally recommended options and as both were relativel inexpensive (as far as foundations go) I picked them both up for trial.  One was by Catrice, which I had never tried before and the other was by Ulta.

As many times as I’ve been in Ulta, I have to admit I have not really tried many of their brand of products before.  To be fair I often go there to determine my shade range of a product and to do a finger swatch before I end up ordering on line. I also tend to buy travel size and sample sized versions there.

So the Foundation I used all last week was Ulta Beauty’s Youthful Glow Foundation serum drops (retail $18). It is both paraben and oil free which I appreciate. According to the website this foundation is designed to…

Create a naturally perfected complexion with Ulta’s Youthful Glow Foundation Serum Drops. This weightless and light as air formula both blends and blurs for a youthful look. This silky formula contains skin perfecting ingredients that result in a luminous finish with light to buildable coverage. Marine Botanicals – Skin Loving algae promotes a youthful appearance; Coconut based emollients help hydrate and replenish skin moisture; Optical Diffusers blur skin imperfections for a flawless appearance.

Not a bad set of claims, but does it deliver?

As always I tried the foundation first with no primer and then over successive days with different primers to see how it reacted.  Most days I wore the foundation four about seven hours.  There were two ten hour days in there but as my schedule was pretty normal last week I didn’t really have any super long days to push the foundation to the limit.

First things first though, before we see how it wears, we must look at how it applies.

The foundation comes in a bottle shaped like a cocktail shaker. Which is appropriate as you have to shake the heck out of it before you try to use it otherwise the dropper only picks up a thin liquid that is of no use to anyone.  So give it a really good shake before using. 

It is a dropper type applicator and as you can see from the picture, despite taking precautions, the lid does get a little gunky after even just a week of use.

I know a lot of people lift the droppers directly to their face and drip it on directly but I always make a mess if I try that so I apply it to the top of my balled up hand in the flat space between the thumb and pointing finger.  Then I dip a finger in, dray lines on my face and use a brush to spread it over the skin.  Then if I see lines, I go in with a beauty blender. Unless it is a doe foot applicator where I draw lines directly on the skin from the bottle, this is how I have always applied foundation. It’s also why I keep a washcloth on my dressing table.

Just the foundation on my skin, one dropper’s worth

Anyway, the foundation blended beautifully and felt absolutely weightless.  There was no settling in the fine lines by my eyes or mouth.  Despite the term glow in the title, it is not a dewy look foundation, I found it to be rather on the matte side, which I liked. It is not a completely flat matte that looks mask like, but it is in the matte range. 

In the description it does claim that it is buildable.  I do on occasion use full coverage foundation, but it generally tends to be more for things where I know my photo is going to be taken or for an event, otherwise I tend to prefer a medium coverage foundation.  With one squeeze of the dropper I ended up with enough product to create a medium coverage look.  It covered all of my dark spots and unevenness to my skin.  At the moment I don’t have any major breakouts or deep dark spots so I didn’t need more than medium coverage and I didn’t need to spot correct with a concealer. 

up close at the start of the day

A second dropper full of foundation will give a more full coverage look and on one of the days I did try this.  It did go on well but throughout the day it ended up giving me more problems.

With the medium coverage the foundation wore beautifully throughout the day.  I had absolutely no problems with it at all. I never felt oily and I didn’t need to add extra powder in my t-zone.  Admittedly it is the middle of winter so I am less sweaty in general, but it was nice to not have to do touch ups.

When trying for full coverage, the product went on well but didn’t feel as weightless.  It looked good, but by lunchtime it was starting to look a little caky and the lines under my eyes were emphasized in a way I didn’t care for.

end of the day closeup

So my suggestion would be that if using this foundation, go for medium coverage and don’t try to build it up to full. With the medium coverage it feels like you are wearing nothing and you can completely forget about it for the day. Quite frankly, I think that is an excellent trait in a foundation.  I have way more things to worry about through the course of my day. 

I think it is easy to say that this foundation has made the cut for the ‘will I reach for it ‘ line up of my first five foundations.  I have one more foundation to test and that is one from Becca.  Then I will have five foundations and this section will be complete. After the initial testing all those passing the first test will be lined up and I will see which ones I am inclined to reach for on a daily basis and which ones I end up not finding all that appealing. As I have had some really good products in this section, I can’t want to see how it turns out.

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