Not just for my Bum Bum

While made for a bikini ready bottom, The Sol De Janerio Brazilian BumBum Cream works really well when dieting and convincing your skin to shrink with you

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When you start to lose weight, you expect your body to change. You expect your clothes to get big. You expect that there might be occasions where you have to haul up your jeans because they’ve gone sliding but you aren’t quite down enough to be a lower size.

What no one really mentions is your skin.

I know when I say that many of you immediately go to the thought of those extreme weight loss shows where pounds of excess skin has to be removed. This isn’t that. I may have been big and still am in the big range, but my heaviest weight topped out at 246 lbs. I’m pretty sure those shows tend to go for the 600 lbs plus range.

So I didn’t really think about my skin. I just thought about how nice it would be to fit into a smaller size and not have any ‘fat girl cloth’ in my closet. If you are female and have an x on your garment labels I’m sure you know what fat girl cloth is and we shall mention it no more.

Then I started losing weight and I began noticing my skin. the first thing I noticed was my neck. Mostly because I see it more often. My skin would get loose as I lost weight , and then tighten back up. I picked up various creams to assist with the tightening back up part.

Then I noticed my belly.

My first thought was, “When exactly was I attacked by giant cats?”

It turns out they were stretch marks and not some strange night time visitation by belly seeking beasts. Enter Sol De Janeiro and their Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. It is the lotion with the scent half the world loves and the other half seems to hate. Most people say it smells a bit like buttered popcorn. I’d say that is a fairly accurate description. I personally love the scent.

Travel in Style with the Bum Bum Jet Set

My babydoll thinks is smells ‘super fancy’ and then he does a little head wiggle. If you remember an earlier post defining his terms, fancy means it smells nice. super fancy means he really likes it. Apparently the added head wiggle means he really likes it and thinks that it smells expensive as well. Now you too are up on his incredibly detailed analysis of scented products.

While I really like the smell, I am in love with the way it not only moisturizes the skin but with the way it is also helpening to tighten the skin a little bit on my belly. It isn’t magically erasing the stretch marks, but they are fading and the skin is tightening up around my less weighty figure. As I think the formula was designed to help you look good in a bikini with some tightening elements included, I suppose i shouldn’t be surprised.

It is an excellent moisturizer and my hands are always so soft after I use it, however, I sort of jealously guard it for use on my belly and use other lotions on my arms and legs. They don’t seem to be as traumatized by my weight loss adventure. This is one cream I don’t want to run out of. And let’s face it I have a long way to go. The Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream will be living on my night stand for quite a while to come. Who knows perhaps when I no longer need it to combat the stretch marks I will use it to get swimsuit ready.

Save 10% on the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream at Sol de Janeiro when you Subscribe & Save

For now I use the cream for my belly and reorder when it gets below the halfway mark in the jar. I noticed recently they have both shampoo and conditioner out as well as some body washes. I may have to put those on my list to pick up when I next order a refill, that way the rest of my body can get some love even if I don’t want to share my Bum Bum Cream.

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