The Water Diaries: week Four Final Thoughts

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Okay now, for exactly thirty days I have been trying to consume at least eight, eight ounce glasses of water per day in an effort to see what happens when I keep up with the recommended daily intake.

While we all know drinking water is good for you, but recently there have been this veritable barrage of water challenge posts, many touting miracle results. I was leery of all these miracle claims, specifically of lots of weight loss. In general I am leery of anything that starts out promising weight loss without a whole lot of sweat and effort.

While I didn’t drop mass amounts of weight during the past month and I seated for every fraction of a pound I did lose, I can sort of see where some of the weight loss might be coming from with others. I think because when you start off drinking this much water and are not used to it, the water hits you kind of heavily. In addition, to get it all in, especially at the beginning, you simply don’t have room in your belly for any other beverage. After pounding back all that water for the first few days I didn’t even think about drinking anything other than the water I was supposed to drink. I planned to get through it, then look at other things. But first I had to get through it.

It wasn’t until I was past the midweek mark that first week where the overfilled sensation started to dissipate and my body became accustomed to the water intake. when dieting one of the first things that I learned was that while I counted my food calories and marked down what I ate, I often forgot to write down my beverages.

I suspect that those who showed weight loss from just adding water to their daily routine for a week, were, prior to that week, consuming more of other types of beverages in their daily life. As I long ago started to count my beverage calories into my daily total, I didn’t really have that sudden drop.

Me no makeup as I begin my 30 days of water

There were other changes along the way though and I think they are worth mentioning. The first two or three days were brutal. It felt as though I was carrying a lead weight in my belly and trying to drown myself a cup at a time. I found it easier to remember to drink the water when at my desk then when I was out and about in the world making weekends a little unpredictable. I would forget to drink my water and then guzzle a bunch of it really quickly to make up time. During the work week I just steadily consumed it.

In addition, for those first few days I was still getting my walking and gym time in so there was a good deal of sweating going on. And it stank. I’m not saying my sweat normally smells of roses and ambrosial paradise, but I am at this point in time familiar with the way my sweat smells. For those first few days, my sweat smelled stinky to me. I did not smell quite like me. I don’t know if my body was flushing out the last remnants of a sinus infection I had a little while prior or if in an effort to find somewhere to go the water was filling up every nook and cranny inside my body and evicting anything and everything it found in its way.

me at end of challenge

Sort of like flushing out your radiators where every pore becomes a spigot.

I will also say that my white gym towel had a little bit of a yellowish tinge to it after wiping myself down and while I adore the Busy Beauty Showerless wipes, especially in an effort to avoid the odd black tiles showers of my gym, those couple of days I braved the tiles. And then used the wipes after because I still smelled off and they really helped with that.

Which reminds me, I need to restock on those.I’ll place an order later today.

But as stinky as that was, the stink did fade. It faded about the same time that my belly stopped feeling overly full. When I adjusted to drinking the recommended dose of water. I seriously think I just sort of flushed my system.

And I felt really good.

I noticed the dark circles under my eyes faded and while I still really don’t sleep more than five hours a night, I was getting a good solid five hours.

As long as I remembered to drink my water early in the day. If I left the drinking of the water too late in the day than I had to get up several times in the night to release it back into the wild so to speak.

And yes I did spend a bit more time in the ladies room during this trial than usual. More so in that first week and less as time went on. Its like once my body figured out what to do with all the water, it was happy to accept it. It just needed time to adjust.

And adjust it did.

During my trial (in the third week) I had one day where the day just went off the rails and if I managed a full glass of water that day I would be surprised. My polling place was moved due to flooding so I ended up driving hither and yon in an attempt to locate my alternate and then because of a power outage my alternate alternate. In the end I voted (which took exactly two seconds to press a button after an entire day of driving around and checking addresses and directions), but I didn’t get my water.

The next day I felt like I had a massive hangover. I was dehydrated, headachy and as there was no alcohol in the previous day I seriously thought I was getting sick. Since everyone else seems to be sick, it was a serious concern.

But no, my body just missed it’s normal water ration.

Hello, my name is Mimsy and I am a Water Addict.

It was easily sorted and I am happy to say I was not getting sick, in fact I felt better this month than I have in a while. Even though I adjusted my gym workouts, there was less than the expected muscle soreness I’ve come to expect from a change in my routine. During my period, my cramps were massively reduced which was a fantastic unplanned benefit and I didn’t get my typical hormonal break outs. Joints that might ache after a heavy work out really didn’t bother me at all either.

Its like my innards were a properly oiled machine with no squeaky gears.

So it is actually with a degree of sadness that I reach the end of my month long water trial. To be honest, I didn’t think it would do much of anything. I learned that while water is not a magic weight loss elixir, shedding pounds in a single gulp, it does have huge benefits. While I will continue to drink my water, trying each day to maintain that healthy level, I think I am going to have to find some way to keep my monitoring up. While during the challenge I knew I had to so that I could report back any changes, without that need to report, I fear my consumption may slip a bit. As dorky as it sounds I think I might start a chart and get into the habit of checking my water level off every day to keep myself on track. I really like the benefits and I think long term, it will be good for me.

I just need to look into replacing my water bottles. They weren’t new when I started and being dragged along as my constant companions for a month didn’t help them any. They are looking a little more battered than when I started. And it is most definitely time to order a replacement bottle for my Soda Stream. I do love my carbonation.

And I now know that when health professionals advocate drinking water, there are actually some very good reasons. For those of you looking to get healthy, or thinking of taking your own water challenge, I hope this post helps you out. I’m sure your results will vary and I’d love to hear about it if you feel like sharing.

SodaStream USA, inc

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