I think I prefer GUACAMOLE; An AVOCADO sheet mask for face Mask Friday

The friday face mask

As this afternoon is going to require a bit of running around, I decided to go for my Friday Face Mask a little early today. I pulled one of the sheet masks from my collection blindly and came up with the Natural Avocado mask Sheet from the Saem from the stack.

I have to say, sheet masks, especially on Fridays are growing on me. I will always love jarred masks more, but I am kinda digging the ease of the sheet mask. I think part of it is because while my Monday and Wednesday masks tend to be at night as I am winding down from my day and I like the full mask relaxation with the candles and the music on my earphones, Friday I deliberately take a break during the day.

For the time out stress relief brak that Friday masking provides, I am starting to like the sheet masks more and more. I still light the candles and put on the music for my twenty minutes of down time, but there is significantly less clean up. Today I’ve actually put away my holiday spice candles and went with one that is Citrus and Cedar scented. My darling dearest got it for me. His description was…

It doesn’t make me hungry and it doesn’t stink.

Poetic, no?

But back to the sheet mask. As I mentioned this one was from the Saem. Its description is…

  • the mask delivers an abundant amount of moisture and nourishment to your skin.
  • This mask is perfect for dry and sensitive skin.
  • Contains avocado extract.

Very succinct and to the point. If they chucked the word fancy in there it would be a description worth of my babydoll.

one day, I will not look like I am contemplating evil while wearing a face mask. Clearly that day is not today

Now I like avocado. I’d rather eat it with chips and dosed with jalapenos than on toast but in the summer time I will split an avocado down the middle splash it with a little balsamic and a pinch of salt and call it lunch. I even have a vegan ice cream recipe that uses avocado as the creamy fat instead of actual cream. It’s the container in the freezer labeled ‘Not Ice Cream’ in black sharpie on masking tape in case you are wondering. Mostly because my darling dearest ate it, liked it and then felt tricked so it now has to be clearly labeled lest he accidentally consume it when looking for a freezer treat. He actually doesn’t mind healthy food, he just doesn’t want to be tricked into it.

I even like avocados in my skin care. I tried the Glow Recipe Avocado mask a while back and absolutely loved it. My skin is a big fan of the alligator pear as it was once known. this mask, not so much. It went on as easily as all sheet masks do, I relaxed while it settled against my skin for the allotted time and then I removed the mask and patted in the remaining serum.

Or at least attempted to.

My skin really wasn’t interested in absorbing it. It wasn’t that the mask was extra moist. It wasn’t dripping with serum or anything, it was the same amount I expect from a sheet mask. It just didn’t absorb well for me. I don’t know if my skin just wasn’t dry enough for the mask to work or what, but I finally had to rinse my face off before getting back to work. So, over all, not a fan of this one.

I’m still starting to like sheet masks though, I just won’t be adding this one to my collection any time soon. It was a little bit of a disappointment, but at least I got to use my new candle and the house smells amazing. So there is that.

I hope your friday is going well and that whatever you are planning for the weekend is exactly what you need to recuperate from this week and gear up for the next. I will be running around the rest of today but most of my weekend will be spent with my seed catalogs getting my final orders in for the upcoming season and trying to figure out if I actually have the space for that gorgeous pink French Fig Burpee has on offer. I’ll be back on Monday with a Boxycharm review and a garden update. Have a good weekend.

If you are interested in sheet masks you might want to check out the Four-ever Fresh Subscription! from Face-tory. There are different levels depending on how many masks you want delivered each month. You might want to give it a look.

Four-ever Fresh Subscription!

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