Weight loss Regime Survival Tip #42: Sanity and Acceptance

At the moment, the world has gone a little mad. My doomsday prepper neighbor is strutting around as though finally vindicated and I’ve learned that in the face of danger, people apparently stockpile toilet paper, chicken and milk. Entire sections of the grocery store shelves are completely empty.

while we have plenty of toilet paper. The usual amount actually, not a stock piled one, I would have liked to have added an extra emergency pack when I went grocery shopping last weekend, but I’ll live.

My menu plan was sort of torpedoed though as many of my staples were nowhere to be found. My babydoll and I tried to skew healthier with our in store recalculations, but I suspect meals are going to be heavier this week than usual. I’ve accepted that.

I also planned not to be in the gym this week, which is a good thing as my gym will apparently be closed until at least April 6th. With the machines providing less than six feet of distance between those working out, they felt incapable of assisting with ‘social distancing’.

Can I just say, I am amazed at how quickly that term has now become a part of the daily lexicon?

Part of social distancing involves most of the people I know now working from home. It has also led to the number of phone calls I get during the work day escalating dramatically as people call around to check on those they love. I appreciate being loved and I have been calling family and friends as well, particularly the older ones.

All of this us understandable and even expected.

However it does lead me to realize that I need to revise my personal expectations.

The gym is closed. Rain is sheeting down outside preventing walking on the walking trail (which is currently underwater at the moment). The constant communication means every twenty minutes there is a somewhat lengthy interruption.And food is hit or miss. Adding in basic stress and weight loss at the moment isn’t really a focus.

For my own sanity I need to accept that while I will be doing my best, some things are beyond my control. I have a set of weights at the house and if the weather clears up I will walk. I will monitor my portion size, but I am not going to worry about the scale.I know that even if I don’t lose any weight this week, even if I gain weight this week, or however long this stretch of coronavirus based insanity lasts, once I am through it and my stress level drops and the word returns to normal, my weight will once again be on a downward trend. My train is more resting at the station rather than being derailed.

I don’t know how normal or crazy your world is at the moment but whatever your personal goals, I hope you realize that sometimes allowing yourself to mentally hit pause is the best thing you can do. Beating yourself up for not meeting a weekly weight loss goal is cruel and unusual punishment and I would hope that as you take care of yourself and your family, you are nicer to yourself than that. Because you deserve better.

I’m trying to remember the same thing for myself.

Its harder than I thought it would be. I am always more understanding towards others than I am to myself. But I know I deserve better too. So I’m going to try for sanity and acceptance and not add to the insanity.

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