Dreamy Youth Day and Night Face Cream Review

Pacifica’s Dreamy Youth Day and Night Face Cream

For the past two weeks I have been using the Dreamy Youth Day & Night Face Cream from Pacifica. It was part of the package gifted to me by the company. This will not affect my review, my review will be an honest one.

As the bathroom where I get ready in the morning and prepare for sleep at night is a small one (our on-suite features only a powder room not a full bathroom)I have limited shelf space for my daily products.  I liked the idea that I could eliminate one of those products by simply having a single cream for both day and night. The fact that the product in question costs $16 and can be purchased both on-line and at Target is also a plus.

Admittedly, the available locally is less of a concern at the moment as anything I can order on-line I am to minimize my time and contact with others. Incidentally If you are looking to order from Pacifica, when I put my last order in to them, they had a relatively quick turnaround (that might be a little off at the moment) and I have a code you can use to get yourself an extra discount.  It is MIMSY15 and I don’t get any sort of compensation from that, it is just to help you guys out.

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Before we get into my thoughts, let’s look at the product.

According to the product page…

Age means nothing when your skin is healthy. Refuse to obey time with this potent formula supported by concentrated peptides, floral stem cells, antioxidants, and advanced extracts that join forces to deeply moisturize and improve skin’s youthful glow.  It is suitable for all skin types.

It’s a pretty simple claim and not too over the top. Oh, and for those unfamiliar with the company, they are 100% vegan and cruelty free.  I am always leery of creams that promise to de-age me by twenty years in a month’s time, so modest claims make me happy.  Oddly, wild claims make me suspects some sort of demonic ritual in an underground laboratory somewhere. But maybe that is just me. 

Instead of looking for demons (or maybe an alternate way of looking for demons) I looked at the ingredients list. The first ingredient is water, which as it is putting moisture back into the skin is actually a good thing.  Following it are some other pretty good ingredients.  Sunflower oil, shea nut oil, grape seed oil and aloe leaf oil are all included in their top ten ingredients.  I know the lower ingredients are also ones to watch out for but the top ten usually have the highest concentrations and therefore are the ones most necessary to pay attention to, but the top ten are really important. 

For those who don’t usually look at ingredients lists, companies are required to list the ingredients from highest to lowest concentration until they get to the one percent mark.  Once an ingredient is in the 1% concentrate or lower they can list them in any order they want.  Generally speaking after about the tenth to twelfth ingredient you start hitting that one percent mark.

Personally, I am pretty happy with seeing sunflower seed oil and grapeseed oil in the top section. My skin does really well with both of them.

As with all full sized face creams that come my way, I weighed the bottle before I started to use it and then again after two full weeks of use.  Newly arrived and unopened the starting weight was 2.75 ounces.  The package contains 1.7 ounces of product inside.  So we know the packaging itself weighs 1.05 ounces.

Incidentally, a word about the packaging.  This cream is packaged into a thin pump top tube.  I really like that the bulk of the product can be kept away from the air while it is used. I am also glad I don’t have to dip my fingers into it.

But to continue with the math, after two weeks of use I reweighed the package and found it now came in at exactly 2.5 ounces. So I know that 1.45 ounces of product still remain inside.  (Incidentally, I love when things come up in nice numbers like fives and zeros so I don’t have long decimal points to work in.  I know I have a calculator but it just looks neater to me somehow).

So in two weeks 0.25 ounces of product was used. That means the product should last another 13.6 weeks. Personally I am not surprised by the length of time as very little of the product was actually needed. One last bit of math before we continue on though.  The product costs $16 which means that  if it lasts a total of 15.6 weeks (2 week trial + 13.6 weeks), then the cost break down is about $0.95 per day to use the product. That is not a bad rate actually.

But cost isn’t everything.  I will use inexpensive products or I will splurge on the expensive ones. With most skin care I am willing to be flexible on price rather than seek the lowest cost. I’m also not a snob about it.  I will use what I feel works.

So about the cream.  It is a white cream with a lightly floral scent, gardenia or rose I believe is the basic tone but it is not strong and fades almost instantly.  I don’t think it would cause too many problems with those of you who have issues with scent as it really doesn’t linger.

When I used it, I used one pump of the cream per use.  More is not needed and in fact, more would just be a waste. In the mornings, I found one pump was a little too much product and used the excess on my neck and upper chest rather than on my face.  At night one pump was exactly enough for my face.  I think that is sort of the curse of the double use product.  One pump is perfect for use as a night cream, but a little much during the day.  For me at least.  I’m in the Normal to Combination range.  If you are on the dry side, I think you would enjoy the amount dispensed for both day and night, if you lean more towards the oily end of the spectrum then you might want to only use about half of the pump on your face and spread the rest out to the neck and chest.  Again that is the curse for going for all skin types. 

Currently the weather where I live is changing.  Each day seems to make its own decision as to what season it wants to be.  I’m pretty sure it’s actually making up some new seasons along the way. You know because the traditional four are just so passé.

CELEBRATE SPRING with Free Shipping over $40 at Pacifica Beauty. Valid 3/19-3/31 with Code GETLIT. Shop Now!

When it lingers on winter and my skin leans more towards dry, this cream really shines.  I think as the seasons turn and humidity rises as spring locks on and leads into summer, I will be less excited about using this cream during the day. For me I think this will be a routine staple of my winter skin care routine, but in the warmer months I will be using it as a night cream rather than both a day and night cream.  The good news is that given how little is actually needed of this cream, if I am only using it at night it will probably last me all the way into fall. I have to say, I am not mad about that.

For anyone following along on my weight loss journey, or who just want to remain fit when gyms are closed and your home becomes your world, I will be posting my first Home Fitness post this afternoon. I have some interesting fitness routines to try with minimal equipment needed and I will let you know how it goes so tune in for an afternoon post.  I’ll be sure to include links to the workouts so any of you working out at home as well can give them a try and see what you think.  See you then.

Pacifica Beauty

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