New Book Release: Nameless

New Book release

Time now for a bit of shameless self promotion. Don’t worry, I’ll keep this one short and sweet. My latest book is now available. If you are interested in checking it out I’ve posted the information below. Nameless is the first book in a new epic fantasy series. Enjoy!


In Pontuse, the Capitol City of Balosh, noble lords employ assistants to amuse and entertain them as well as to distract others from their shortcomings and intentions. Despite being an orphan without a name, Nameless holds the prize position of Assistant to Prince Roland, heir to the throne of Balosh.  While he dances and performs acrobatic feats to distract from Roland’s often less than regal nature, things aren’t exactly what they seem.  The Queen looks at Nameless with growing anger and hatred despite his bet efforts to please and when the Prince is sent to the neighboring Kingdom of Genarai to negotiate a treaty, she arranges for an assassin to eliminate Nameless from the Prince’s retinue. The threat sends him down an unexpected path leading him to his past and a possible new future. Can he elude death long enough to reclaim his own long forgotten name, or will he forever be Nameless.

You can find Nameless as well as links to all of my other books HERE.

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