Weight loss Regime Survival Tip # 43: routine and indulgence

Nearly anyone you talk to will tell you that achieving a goal takes work. If it didn’t take work then we could all wish ourselves into the place we want to be, healthwise, weight wise, location-wise or what have you.. Of course being human, we tend not to value that which comes easily as much as the things we actually have to sweat for, so we’d probably all want new and different things we couldn’t wish for or try to counteract the wishes of others.

I’m sure it would lead to a Wish War.

Unicorns vs. Armored Knights probably.

While sweat is good, we all know effort has to be put in the right place to be effective. For example last week, I put in a lot of effort. Every surface of my house gleams with anti bacterial goodness. All sheets and towels are freshly laundered as is any clothing anyone wore outside when they came into contact with people before being sequestered. Admittedly I might have gone a little overboard on a few things.

While I do normal wash for everything else, anything I wear for working out gets pounded with the hottest water my machine can give and then blasted in the dryer. After buckets of sweat it is the only way I’ve found to keep them fresh until they have a chance to wear out. Unfortunately not knowing my gym clothes system, my darling dearest added a couple of things to the mix and they now no longer fit him.

So I’ve been accused of being overzealous.

However effective this eradication regime was in keeping us healthy, it didn’t really move me in a weight loss direction. It was necessary. Very Very necessary. Just part of a different, but adjacent goal. Staying healthy is important to weight loss, it just doesn’t burn the calories. Especially when you chase the activity with buckets of fried chicken and my personal weakness, pizza. We have a local place here that makes their white pizza with a truly sinful amount of ricotta and Mozzarella. Even when not dieting I feel like I ought to hit a confessional after eating it.

And yes, it is fantasticly yummy.

But I’m getting off track.

Now that me and mine are settled in seclusion, panic has dimmed and there is the need for a routine to keep from going crazy. While both me and my baby are still working, albeit from him and with video conferencing, after months of diet and exercise, I find myself getting fidgety without exercise to break up my day.

I know, while a pandemic is raging it sounds a little narcissistic to think about my own weight loss, but the truth is, having something to dwell on internally, to focus on the personal rather than the world view, helps me keep the panic and worry away, or at least to a manageable level. So I am developing a new routine and quite frankly as working keeps me from obsessing about news releases, I’m actually getting a lot more done.

It turns out that I am way more productive without the outside world as a distraction.

But as I build up a new routine for myself, I need to also remember to be kind to myself as well. Working to keep from obsessing and working out to build a routine and burn off excess energy is all well and good, but a little personal indulgence also goes a long way.

For example, I have a small bubbling foot tub that someone gave me quite a few years ago. I forget if it was a Christmas or a birthday present. I generally take it out only a few times a year. Admittedly when I started my initial work out It helped alleviate foot soreness. I used it on Monday. Partially because I had to walk in rain boots instead of sneakers but mostly as an indulgence. It did not go back into the cupboard to wait out another year, but is instead sitting out for another go round next time I feel in need of a little pampering.

My candles are also being lit for more than just my Friday Face Mask and tonight I plan to give myself a full manicure, including massaging my overwashed hands with my most expensive hand cream as well as a new coat of nail polish.

This is a time when routine and indulgence need to work together as partners to provide sanity and stress release. So I hope all of you reading this are settling in and staying safe, building routines that makes sure life continues in a new normal instead of letting the shift back into the home make you stir crazy. I hope you are allowing yourself time to adjust and treating yourself kindly with little personal indulgences designed to induce calm in a stress filled world. You soaking your feet in scented oil with lovely candles lit around you isn’t going to help make the pandemic go away, but it isn’t going to hurt it either, and it might just do you a world of good.

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