Harmony for the Friday Face Mask

Today I went with the Harmony Rose Petal Face Mask from FEEL

Welcome to Face Mask Friday everyone. We finally made it.  Friday has arrived and as I post my face mask reviews in the afternoon, it means that the weekend is almost here.  So take a deep breath, Friday is half over, the weekend beckons.  I am in a particularly good mood at the moment as the rain has finally, if temporarily, ended and the sun is actually shining.  I was actually able to use the walking trail near my house today, even if I did slide a short distance down a mud slicked section.  I retained my footing and didn’t end up in the still swollen creek below.

So I’m calling that a win.

In addition the sunny weather should hold for a few days so this weekend even if it is still on the chilly side, I am taking out one of the lawn chairs and setting it up in the back yard.  My plan is to sit in the sun and read.  I may have to wrap up in a blanket to do so, but I will.  Even my bones feel waterlogged at this point.  I need some time in the sun.

I can’t actually take credit for this idea.  I went to check on the garden today and I saw my neighbor Agnes set up in her back yard.  Her hair was in a turban, she had massive sunglasses on and was wrapped up in what looked like a faux fur blanket. She had a small side table with a cup of tea and a large thermos beside it and her CD player was belting out Etta James. She looked quite glamorous actually.  Like an elderly movie star still beset by over eager fans despite her attempt at retirement.

I doubt I will be nearly as glamorous.

But at least I know the standard set for the neighborhood.

However this post is to talk about my Friday Face Mask, so let’s get to is shall we?

Today’s face mask was the Harmony Rose Petal Face Mask from Feel (Retail $55).  I received it in an IPSY box I believe.  Prior to this I had only tried their Pumpkin Walnut Cleanser. Incidentally if you are looking for a dual cleanser and light exfoliate, that is a really good one to try.  It also smells amazing. If you are anything like me you might want to try tasting it, don’t.  It doesn’t taste amazing. But it is fantastic on the skin.

Because of this cleanser I had high hopes for the Harmony Rose Facial Mask.  I must also say, each year as a birthday gift for myself I get the Fresh Rose Mask.  It has been a favorite of mine for a while and I was curious to see how this compared.  So let’s look first at the product page which states…

Harmony is overflowing with rose petals, rose essential oils, and rose flower extracts to form a beautifully concentrated gel mask that infuses your skin with deep hydration. Vitamin E and Vitamin C bring antioxidants to the table. Combined with all the roses, they work to tone and plump up collagen by encouraging skin cell turnover. Slip on a thick layer when your skin is feeling dehydrated or unbalanced. It’ll tighten and brighten your complexion while you take a minute to relax. This product is vegan.

I know a lot of people are sensitive to the scent of rose.  I am sort of on the fence with it.  I like the natural scent of rose but I really don’t like when rose fragrance is added to skin care products.  When it is added, I find it becomes a bit overpowering.  This was not overpowering.  It is a present scent so if you don’t like rose, this probably isn’t for you, but if you like naturally rose scented products you might enjoy this.  It is not overpowering at all.

The dividing lid between the outer lid and the product is a clear plastic.  At first I thought it was an extra seal, then I realized it was not and simply pried it off instead of trying to cut through it. Yeah, not one of my smartest moments.

Once I outsmarted the plastic lid, I applied the mask to my clean, dry skin. Despite looking a little like a jar of jam, it spreads nice and evenly across the face.  Unlike jam it isn’t very sticky on the skin until it dries down a lot.  Once on the skin my face looked like I attempted to tan my skin with the dregs of the teapot, but at least I didn’t look like was some sort of demented burglar.  Possibly deranged, but probably not part of a gang of skin care loving bank robbers.

I can live with deranged.

So I let the mask settle in for fifteen minutes and then washed it off.  Personally I think my skin looks quite nice.  I know it feels super soft.  I shouldn’t be surprised though.  This mask contains both Vitamin E and C.  Growing up my mom used Vitamin E to rub into scars and scabs.  It softened the tissue and sometimes helped prevent scarring.  And my skin loves Vitamin C, it always reacts well. 

Over all I really liked this mask, I liked the pleasant little break from my day I received while wearing it and I look forward to using this mask again in the future. And to be honest, I think it is actually comparable to the Fresh version. I doubt I’ll manage to get through the entire jar by the time my birthday rolls around so I may have to actually come up with a new birthday present for myself.  I suppose I better think of some spurge items to put on my list.

Well that is it for my Face Mask Friday.  It is back to work for me and then a weekend trying to live up to the Agnes standard of backyard glamor.

Wish me luck, she is a hard act to follow.

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