Weely Weight: 210.6 lbs

March 27th, 2020

Yeah, I knew there was going to be a significant weight gain. I was hoping it was less, but given everything I am not surprised. There was the lack of any form of work out last week combined with over eating very highly caloric foods. There was also stress.

Stress always makes me gain weight, or at least it has in the past. I don’t see why that would actually change.

But this week I started in on a new plan. I added a bit of yoga stretching and a segment of hand weights to my week to make up for the gym. I meant to add a third but there was a bit of a kerfuffle, Apparently our internet provider was not prepared for so many people to work remotely so wednesday I couldn’t get a video to load without spending more time looking at the circular loading symbol than the actual video. Thursday of course I did the weights again.

In general my gym sessions aren’t designed to burn massive calories though, I do it for my strength training more or less and burn calories with my walk.And when it is raining I use the gym’s treadmills.

So with the constant rain for the past week or so, either my walking around the block between bursts of rain did nothing or it did something and I was just worse off last week than I thought. Because I was kind enough to myself not to actually step on the scale at the end of last week, we will never know.

And quite frankly I am fine with that.

This week we got things situated so my baby can work from home and neither go bonkers nor drive me to the brink of insanity. which is a pretty big victory. Although I now have a standing lunch date as he more or less figures that if he is taking a lunch break then I should too, There are worse things.

The electronics seemed to have sorted themselves out and after a full day of no rain yesterday, I went to check the walking trail and the flood waters were receding. I should actually be able to walk today in a normal fashion. As the lack of walking was beginning to make me feel antsy I am very happy to report that. So while I am not pleased with the weight gain, I was expecting it and in an effort to practice self-care, I am calling this a re-boot. I am not going to list how much I gained in my stats today (although you can easily do the math, I did it in my head already) I am going to simply take this as current weight and move on. As I become more comfortable with home workouts and begin walking again, I’m sure the numbers on the scale will once again be in decline and my spirits will rise. What that rate will be is anyone’s guess. For now I am happy to one again have a routine. Or at least the start of one. Please let me know if you find my Home Fitness Posts helpful or if you’d like to see something added or taken away from them. Or if you’d like me to drop them all together. For those who come more for the beauty related topics, next week I will be catching up on some of my palette posts as I got a bit slack with posting them. I have been practicing my swatching though so they might be more helpful this time around.

So to the stats.

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Current Weight: 210.6 lbs

Amount of weight lost to date: 35.4 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx.): 87.6 lbs

Okay folks there is the reboot. we will see where things go from here as we step out into this brave new world of ours. Well not too far out as we are all mostly still practicing self-isolation. Metaphorically out I suppose. Anyway I will see you all this afternoon for the Friday Face Mask. I hope you have a good Friday.

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