Palette Review: La Vie by Chella

The Chella La Vie four pan palette was in my March IPSY Ultimate box and I have to say I was a bit surprised by it.  I took a look at the four colors: Femme a pearl shade, Instincts, a peachy pink shade, Dynamic a brown tone and Vitality a gold shimmer shade and thought ‘This looks a little boring.’

Truthfully the colors aren’t something I haven’t seen before. I have them all in various palettes however, once I received the palette and got to inspect it more fully, I was more impressed with it. First let’s see what the product page for the palette says so we know what it is officially.

The La Vie Neutral Eyeshadow Palette embraces warm neutrals, sure to inspire you to live every day to your fullest.

With 2 pearl (Femme + Vitality) and 2 matte water-resistant shades (Instincts + Dynamic) and a dual-ended eyeshadow brush for effortless application, this interchangeable and refillable palette is designed with the modern + multi-tasking woman in mind. Buildable, blendable and long-wearing, our easy to use all-in-one palette will be an essential part of your everyday beauty routine.

The palette itself is heavy and well made.  The front catch is actually a button push that you use to open it, which I really like. The mirror is nice and the palette sits well on the dressing table when open.  The brush included has one brush end which is okay and then one foam end which I absolutely hate.  I suspect it won’t take terribly long before I end up losing the brush somewhere.

The shadows have magnetic backing and are easy to remove should you want to replace them. The shadows are listed as cruelty free, paraben free, gluten free and Vegan. The palette itself retails for $45.  I looked everywhere but I could not find any replacement shadows for sale.  I couldn’t find them in the colors already included in the palette for a straight up replacement and I couldn’t find any other shades either.  I have to say I am somewhat disappointed by that face.  The refillable palette is a good idea and this is a palette that I would use especially for travel, f I could find additional shades for it, or even replacements for these.  It is a very sturdy package and I would feel confident putting it into my traveling make up bag and knowing the shadows wouldn’t break.

But perhaps this is a new thing and they haven’t gotten around to manufacturing  them yet.  I really hope they do, because as it turns out, I really like these shadows.  The two mattes are especially lovely.  The peachy Instincts is a great transition shade and the brown Dynamic is excellent for darkening the crease.  Those two alone make this a quick and easy palette to grab in the morning when you just want a very neutral look. If you are looking for a little shimmer then I would suggest going for the pearl-y Femme, especially for a day time look.  While the coppery Vitality is very pretty, it is rather intensely gold on the eyes.  If you go overboard then it just looks like you have golden eyes.  Which is not a bad thing, but not really a neutral office look, admittedly when I worked in an office daily it was a very conservative office.. So be careful with it, a little goes a long way.

All of the colors blend out really well.  They are soft and buttery and stay on the eye all day.  I was very impressed with them.  Just remember the copper shade can be intense and you will be fine.  I will say it is still a little on the boring side, but it is not really trying to be a super exciting palette.  It is going for an everyday vibe.  It very much achieves this.  The bit disappointment is that it is a refillable palette where refills are not actually available.  The shape reminds me of the Buxom single shadows though.  They look to be about the same size. If replacements don’t become available for this palette, for one reason or another, I think that if I do need a replacement, I might actually try to fit the Buxom in. I love their shadows as well and it would be a shame to let this reusable palette go to waste.  And as it is such an easy color scheme to work with, I can see myself reaching for it often enough to wear out the matte shades.   Given the intense pigmentation, the bronzy gold might last a bit longer. Regardless, I am very pleased to add this palette to my collection.

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