Weight Loss Regime Survival Tip #45: Obnoxious Heels

The pink crushed velvet heels too high for everyday use but somehow I can’t part with them. Who knew they’d be a weight loss tool?

At the moment more people are working from home than ever before. Other people, while not working from home, are nevertheless staying within their homes in an effort to help avoid spreading contamination.  I, and everyone else I’m certain, appreciates it.  At least I believe they do. 

I didn’t take a poll or anything, but I’ll let the statement stand.

If you are at home, working or not, you may find that within very easy reach of the place you’ve settled for the day is the kitchen, pantry, and the stockpile of snacks and other tasty treats you picked up to see you through the next month or so.

Maybe it’s the Easter candy you bought early calling you or the extra bag of chips you’ve stashed away for when you REALLY need a snack whispering that time is NOW. 

Perhaps you’ve been stress baking and there is now a very lovely carrot cake sitting under a cloche in your kitchen because you figured playing with your cake decorating tips would relax you and the last time you went to the store they didn’t have small bags of carrots so you picked up the one ten pound bag of carrots they had and then found yourself giving into your love of carrot cake just because others were mocking the vast amount of carrots now lurking in your kitchen.

As an example.

I’m just saying temptations lurk. 

And when you are working at home, they aren’t too hard to find.  It was one of my downfalls when I started working from home.  Drifting through the kitchen for a cup of coffee and adding a cookie or bowl of pretzels or handful of whatever, was one of the things that helped add to my weight in the first place. And it was one of the first habits I had to change when I decided to lose weight.  While I have shared with you my lipstick trick (no snacking with sticky lips) one thing I haven’t shared, it the obnoxious heels trick.

Now, I will say, that most of my shoes are fairly sensible. I have the sneakers for working out, I have the shoes I use to run errands and the shoes I use for meetings.  I have the all purpose black pumps I can wear all day long on the few days I need to dress up for an entire day and I have some more decorative heels for social events and dinners out for when my baby and I have our nights on the town.

But lurking in the back of my closet, I have a couple of pairs of obnoxious heels.

You know the kind I mean. 

They were bought for a time when girl’s night out with me and my single friends was a routine affair. You know, the shoes that look gorgeous on the shelf, make your legs look fantastic, and make you feel sexy for about an hour before they turn into hard points of pain causing you to drink until your feet go numb and to very strategically choose which song you really want to try dancing to.

Most of them left my closet before my weight started to increase as life settled into more steady rhythms and girl’s night out shifted from dancing in a club to either lunch or dinner out at a nice restaurant. And became fewer and further between. Club wear in general disappeared as most everyone showed up in what they wore to the office that day.

And while there have been many clothing purges, there are still a couple of pairs of obnoxious heels, lurking because I just can’t get rid of them. They are too high to wear for long periods of time, at least at my current weight and probably still after if I’m completely honest, but I just can’t part with them. They just look so pretty.

So now, they get a chance to earn their place. 

When I know there is something that I will find hard to resist, like the aforementioned carrot cake, my far too high heels come out of the closet to help me out.  That’s right. If I have a video conference I may look nice from the waist up, if not, I’m wearing some form of t-shirt. Below the desk I usually have pajama or yoga pants on, depending on what was clean in the drawer when I dressed for the day. I learned early on that even if I wear pajama pants while I work I have to put on a fresh pair when I get up otherwise I feel like I haven’t started my day.

But with those pants, I will often have an obnoxious pair of heels strapped to my feet.  While I generally feel good about them when I am going to and from the desk to get my morning coffee, by the time my coffee is done, I am pretty much over walking in them. At that point I remember that these are the shoes that require gin and vermouth to wear for any length of time and that a martini is not a good idea at ten in the morning.

Especially if you still want to get things done with your day.

At that point there becomes very little that can tempt me to get up from my desk chair and walk the length of the house to the kitchen. My booty stays glued to the chair and the extra calories stay in the kitchen.  Oddly enough I also find myself being super productive on those days too. I tend to focus on whatever task I’ve set myself so that I ignore my feet. So if you are having a hard time settling into working from home, this might be a productivity tip for you rather than an anti-snacking method.

And if nothing else, it gives you a reason to wear those pretty, yet super impractical heels you just can’t manage to part with, yet know aren’t really feasible in your daily life. Who knows, perhaps they’ll even match your pajama pants.

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