Foundation Quest 2020: The end of the first segment

The line up for the first five foundations: L to R Pacifica, Elf, Ulta, Too Faced, and Wander Beauty

A while ago I started my first segment of my foundation quest.  As a quick recap, the foundation that was my go-to product was discontinued so I had to start looking for a new everyday foundation.  Since there are a lot of foundations out there, I decided instead of bemoaning my fav’s loss, I would use it as an excuse to try a bunch of new ones.  And possibly to branch out a little out of my comfort zone in the process.   In order not to get overwhelmed, I decided to test in blocks of five foundations at a time. 

The first set of five included ELF oil free foundation with SPF 15, Ulta’s Youthful Glow, Too Faced Dew You Fresh and Glow, Wander Beauty’s Nude Illusion and Alight, a clean foundation from Pacifica. All of them passed the initial wear-ability test I put them through.  Initially, I used each one in its turn as my sole foundation for the week.  I wore it with no primer underneath, and then I wore it with different primers. I wore it as long as I could each day of the test.

Like I said, all of them passed the first test as products I would continue to wear.  So I lined them up in a row on my dressing table and spent the last month seeing which ones I reached for the most and why.  I also wanted to see the ones I didn’t reach for and why as well.  Now, I will continue to use all of these products until they are gone, none of them will go to waste.  I actually got really lucky with these products as I really like all of them.  They are all really good, but I wanted to see if I could narrow it down to the top two from this section before I branched out into a new section of five. 

pump for Dew You

The first one I found myself reaching for the least of the five was the Dew You by Too Faced. The reason was that while it is a great formula, it needs a primer under it to prevent it from showing the fine lines around my mouth and eyes by the end of the day. Again, it doesn’t show many but it shows more than the others.  A primer under that corrects the problem, but it doesn’t play well with all primers.  It plays best with the Elf Poreless putty Primer.  On the days I wanted to use that primer, I reached for this foundation every time.  On the days I wasn’t using the Elf primer, I didn’t. As I really like using different primers for different reasons, this was not my go-to foundation for the month.

messy cap for ulta

The second to fall by the wayside was the Ulta Youthful Glow. It is one that has to be shaken before use and I noticed that as I used it, the foundation seemed to be getting a little more liquid each time, and didn’t cover as well.  I don’t know if the heavier particles started sticking to the bottom despite the shaking, but I was not terribly fond of the change.  In addition, the way the dropper screws into the top means it gets messy fast (the thinner the liquid became, the worse the problem with the mess). 

I think if I were to use this product every day then I would probably work though it before any separation occurred.  With it not being my only foundation, I wasn’t reaching for it every day, and of course the worse it got, the less I reached for it.  While it won’t be making my top two for this round I think that as it is a very reasonably priced foundation, when my test is over, I may pick up a fresh bottle and use it straight through just to see if it prevents the separation problem.  It will be a while though as I will need to use up foundations from my tests before I buy others. Perhaps by then they will have put the foundation in a pump and it will be improved.

Wander doe foot

Packaging was also the reason that I am not putting the Wander Beauty Nude Illusion in the top two of this test. It is a great foundation.  I love the way it looks on my skin and I love wearing it.  I do not like the doe foot applicator or the fact that it is so tightly inserted into the bottle that every time I took the applicator out of the bottle it sprayed a fine mist of foundation droplets all over everything.  I understand why it is so tight, it needs to block out the air.  The spray just got to me.  If this were a pump foundation bottle, I would have reached for it a lot more than I did.  Which makes me sad. I will still use it, but I will put down a wash cloth over the top of the dressing table when I do.  I hate that the packaging is the reason for this to not go into the top two, because it is so good. But alas, that is what happened.

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So we arrive at my top two products for this round and they are The Elf Perfecting Foundation and the Pacifica Alight.  They are both really good foundations and both are affordable options that can be found in Target. It actually tickles me deep down in my thrifty soul that these two made it to the top. They both have excellent coverage, they play well with any primer I threw at them and each only required one pump of product to cover my entire face.  Neither settled into my fine lines and they both wore well.

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I will say that of the two, I found myself reaching for the Pacifica Alight more than I did the ElF, especially in the last week or so.  That isn’t a reflection on the product though, just the shade.  While we have been blasted by spring showers, enough so that I am starting to download plans for a do it yourself Ark kit, anytime the sun puts in an appearance, I am outside walking around the neighborhood trying to get my calorie burn in without the gym. Because of these strolls and the more outside time rather than gym time, my skin has already started to tan a bit.  The ELF shade is definitely my winter shade and it is already a bit too light. 

The Pacifica seems to be a lot more forgiving with shades, at least with this early tan, so I am still able to wear it. As a consequence even though both made it to the top two, I may have to put this bottle of ELF away until winter comes again and my summer tan fades.  When next I am able to shop, I may pick up a darker summer shade so I can add it back into the mix, but I have to say for now, the Pacifica is the one moving on to the next round. 

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the next five foundations

Luckily I picked up five new foundations to try before all of the stores closed down and the world went on lock down so I have my next line up ready to go.  There are a few I wanted to try but didn’t get around to picking up, but the next section is ready to go. A round three will have to wait until I order products on line or stores reopen.  However as I have five foundations, each with a week’s testing followed by at least a month of wear, I have time to figure that out.  

For now I have five new foundations just waiting for their chance to leave the drawer and be tested. They are from Pretty Vulgar , Becca, Nars, Catrice and Wet and Wild. I suppose we’ll soon see how they fare against the Pacifica. Stay tuned. Next week I start with the first of the new selections individual reviews and I’m starting with Pretty Vulgar. The pretty little birdie on top was just too hard to resist.

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