Orange blossoms and honey; it’s the Friday Face Mask

We made it to the end of the week.  Whether you are working from home or still leaving the house because your job is essential (for which I sincerely thank you) a little calming break is not a bad thing.  This Friday I went with The Cottage Greenhouse Orange Blossom and Honey face mask as my moment (or 20) or relaxation.

Mostly I chose it because it smelled too good to resist. It actually smells like this orange and honey biscotti I make every now and again.  Which is probably why my baby doll kept peeping into the cookie jar while I was wearing it. But smelling super fab is one thing.  What is it that the mask is supposed to do?  Well according to the web site…

first applied

Made with simple, clean ingredients. Our gentle & creamy facial mask with skin sweeping Blueberry Seeds lifts away residual surface oils & impurities to restore your complexion to its natural baby-soft disposition. Infusions of Pomegranate, Ginseng & Orange Peel are mild cleansing astringents, while nourishing Honey acts as Nature’s re-hydrating humectant, attracting moisture to leave your skin cleansed, smooth and replenished.

after 20 min

Now that I knew what to expect from the mask that smells like a delicious treat I applied it to my face. The blueberry seeds feel like a very mild exfoliator as I applied it.  It was not harsh at all.  It felt cool and a little tingly.  So I applied it and then lit a soothing candle and sat back for a full twenty minutes thinking of very little that could actually be called important. I also made a list of things I need to do this weekend before the rain returns on Monday.  But mostly I relaxed.

When my twenty minutes was over, I blew out my candle and returned to the bathroom.  The mask felt a little tingly when on the skin but not excessively so.  I was surprised to find that my skin seemed to have absorbed a large part of the mask.  I guess I needed what it had inside.  When washing it off, the blueberry seeds again were a mild exfoliate and once I rinsed everything off, My skin was left feeling soft and clean but not stripped or dried out.  I was a little worried as it is zoned for combination and dry skin and I lean more towards combination, but this mask really worked well for me.  I guess I was just dry enough. I am also glad this is a full sized jar as I will certainly want to use it again.  The full product retail for $30 and I’m sure I can get at least a dozen more uses out of the jar.  I think this may have to go on my ‘to be repurchased list’.  I really enjoyed using it and look forward to the next use.  It is certainly worth the $30 price tag. Of course I will now be making biscotti this weekend, but despite the similar scent, I think they will be better for my personal cookie monster to gobble. I hop[e whatever you have planned, you manage to take some time for yourself this weekend so you can get back to work on Monday rested and refreshed. Happy weekend everyone. I hope whatever you do is just what you needed.

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