April Glossy Box Review

April’s Glossy Box, The first one for me

This is one of the newer subscription boxes I am trying out.  I realized I was getting a little comfortable in my subscriptions and decided I wanted to try something new.  While Glossy Box is normally a $21/ per month subscription offering 5 (and occasionally 6) deluxe and full sized items, this month they had a sale code so I paid $16 for my first box.  I believe the code is still up on their website for anyone interested.  You can click on any of the links in this post and it will take you there. I was hoping to have this post up earlier so more of you could possibly take advantage of the discount, but the shipping gods were not with me.

GlossyBox: 20% off 3 month subscriptions! Use code 20OFF3

According to their website, Glossy Box tends to ship out around the 5th of the month.  As we are all aware, this was not a normal month.  They did send out a notice saying it was going to be late though which I appreciate and because of circumstances, and that update e-mail, I am willing to give them a pass on the shipping schedule.  I did have to keep reminding myself that I had ordered the box though because they don’t take the funds out of your account for the box until they ship it. There isn’t a standard 1st or 5th of the month standard.  You pay for the box when they ship it to you. I don’t mind that but it is something to remember.

April was one of the month with six products in the box and to be honest, it was the spoiler for the extra product that made me want to choose this month to try it out.  The sneak peek featured a deluxe sample of the Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb Nectar perfume.  You know me and perfumes.  I simply couldn’t resist.

So after a longer wait then I expected, my Glossy Box arrived and without ceremony was stripped of its outer packaging in our private mail processing room, also known as Mud Room 1.  We have a very scientific process.  Outer packaging is stripped in the mud room, items being dumped out onto a table padded with towels so nothing breaks or is contaminated by our potentially germy hands.  Hands are washed in the laundry sink (adjacent to the mudroom) and then clean hands take things inside. In case that sounds oh la la fancy I should point out that both mudroom and laundry room are each the size of closets. But their connectivity is great for package decontamination and stripping off outer wear to drop into the washer on your way inside. 

There has been a lot more walking through the house in only underwear lately.  It prompted a mass clear out of the bureau drawers, let me tell you. My darling dearest apparently believes in tiers for underwear.  Tier one can be worn to fancy events, tier two for everyday and tier three yard work. I placed a large order into Hanes, rolled his tiers down and now have extra cleaning rags.

But that is beside the point.

The mail was decontaminated and I (finally) got to see my first Glossy Box. I have to say I like the box.  It is really sturdy as well as pretty and opening the ribbon and paper felt special.  The tissue paper will be recycled but the ribbon and box will be reused. 

The first Item I spotted, mostly because it was the largest, was the dry shampoo.  It is from COLAB and one I have not tried before.  According to the card it retails for $5.49 which is a really good price for dry shampoo.  I really hope I like it because in the summer time, especially with most of my exercising consisting of walks outside, my hair gets greasy fast.  I went through a ton of dry shampoo last summer and I think this year might require more. So I am very pleased to find an affordable option inside to try.  I have to say I like that there is a website listed where I can order the product from the company, not just the Glossy box site.

Next up I couldn’t resist taking out the perfume.  It is the Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb Nectar. It is a 0.24 Fluid ounce product.  As my spray bottles from Scentbird and Scentbox are both 0.27 ounces it isn’t too much different from those.  It is just in a pretty little bottle.  While I am not a fan of the lid that pulls off instead of screws off as I always think I’m going to pull and spill the perfume, I really like the scent.  I’ll do my usual week long wear and review since it is an appropriate size, but first impressions are really good. This is the deluxe Mini which retails for $23.69.  (the full size retails for $120)

When looking at the pictures (and in the box) you may see something familiar.  That is the Avant Gentle Rose Beautifying Face Exfoliant.  Like me you may say, I’ve seen this before.  Actually I’ve seen two things like this before.  In other subscription boxes I received both the Avant day cream and the Avant night cream.  They are in my line up to try and I am pleased to now have the exfoliant to try at the same time so I can do just an Avant skin care trial. This product is full sized and it retails for $114.

Next up is the Inked by Dani temporary tattoos sheet (Retail $12.99).  while they are cute, I probably won’t be getting much use from them.  I’ll probably pass them on to my niece and get yelled at for encouraging an 8 year old to get tattoos. I’ve been yelled at for worse.  For me this is more of a throw away item rather than something I’ll use.  If everything else wasn’t something I would get use out of and if they didn’t have an extra sixth item this month, I’d be kind of annoyed that this was an item.  But there is a sixth item and I do like everything else, so I’m willing to let it slide.

The pink bottle is from April’s Glossy Box

Moving on we next have a Nails INC Nail polish in the box.  I’ve gotten several of their polishes before and I really like the formula.  The color also fits with the theme (as does everything else in the box).  What I found interesting was the size.  I compared the pink bottle (received in this Glossy Box) to the other Nails INC bottles I have and found while they are different shapes the green bottle has 0.33 ounces while the pink one has 0.47 ounces of product. So good formula, nice color and good size.  Definitely not complaining about that, even if I don’t know why they are different.  The polish retails for $11.

Finally last out of the box was the Pore Green Tea Mud Sheet Mask. It looks interesting, feels substantial in the packet and has all the instructions in Korean.  JJ Young is a face mask name I have heard of before but I don’t think I have tried their masks.  I will say it isn’t the sheet mask advertised on the sheet. That one is a Ruby face mask.  I think they had some supply issues this month, which quite frankly is not all that surprising. There is no price listed, but I’m guessing it has a comparable price of $7.

Now while I paid $16 with the discount code it is a $21 per month box.  The value of the products comes to $174.17 (give or take a little based on the face mask). Which in my opinion is a pretty good deal.  With the exception of the sheet of temporary tattoos, everything in the box is something I would use. The bulk of the value came from a single item (the Avant skin care).  As this is my first Glossy Box I don’t know if that is common or not.  I think it will be interesting to see. 

For now I like the box well enough to continue getting it.  After a few months, I’ll look at all I’ve received and reevaluate.  Perhaps it will remain a keeper, or perhaps it will be replaced with another new box to try. For now it stays in the rotation.  I can’t wait to see what I get next month.  I also can’t wait to see when I get this box next month.  Perhaps the mailing issues will be fixed and I will get this box shipped to me on the fifth of May.  If so, I won’t have that long to wait.

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