The Pore Green Tea Mud Sheet mask for Face Mask Friday

What a name huh?

I’ll admit I chose the Pore Green Tea Mud Sheet mask that I received from my April Glossy Box because I was curious.  On the front it is listed as a 3D mask sheet and it is much thicker than your usual sheet mask packet.  So instead of thinking, oh what would my skin like today, I decided to indulge my curiosity. 

Bring on the Pore Green Tea Mud Sheet Mask!

Since there was nothing on the enclosed pamphlet about this mask (and most of the info on the packet is in Korean) I went poking around on-line before applying it to my face.  You know, safety first.  According to Amazon:

JJ YOUNG Pore Green Tea Mud Sheet Mask – Moisturizes and Calms The Skin with Green Tea Leaf Extract, Control Sebum and Cleans Pores with Kaolin – 0.85 oz. It Attaches Tightly to Face Through The Benefits of Mud. Kaolin Controls Sebum and Reinforces Firmness. Hydration and Skin Lifting, Leaving the Skin Calm and Moisturized with Green Tea Extract Controls Sebum and Eliminates Impurities within Pores with Sea Salt and Prevents The Loss of Skin Hydration and Leaves Skin Moisturized. Lifts Sagging Skin and Face.

For some reason the description really liked the capital letters. I left them because they looked fun. I have to say my favorite line is ‘Attaches tightly to face through the benefits of mud.’ The price I found on line was generally around $19.99 for a five pack if you are interested in attaching this to your face through the benefits of mud.

Okay so knowing that it is essentially a clay mask in sheet form, I went and opened it.  Once opened, it had a pungent scent of clay and green tea leaves.  It smells exactly like what it is.  There is no mucking about with other fragrances.

JJ Young apparently has no time for that.

the pieces

The mask slid out of the packet in a triangle shape.  There were many layers of plastic folded between the layers.  It turns out the mask is in two parts, each sandwiched between two plastic layers, one clear, one not. I peeled them from the plastic and placed the muddiest side against my skin.  I put on the lower part first, then the upper. There is some overlap.  I will say they stick better to the face than many other face masks I have tried.  Once in place, it wasn’t going anywhere.

Apparently it attaches well through the benefits of mud.

On the skin, it feels exactly like a mud mask and not really like a sheet mask at all.  It is alomost like they took a mud mask and spread it out on a mold and did something to it (possibly involving a magic wand) and it temporarily became a sheet mask.

But I feel deep down, it still yearns to be a regular mud mask.

Still after applying it, I light my candle. Actually I had to light two.  My Fern and Tobacco candle from April’s Vella box is now about spent and so I called in an older champagne scented one for back up.  They blended nicely. Incidentally, it turns out that the small candle from the smallest Vella Box subscription box will last for almost exactly a month’s worth of uses.  At least for me.  It’s the first today and I think my next candle is expected between the 5th and 7th . Which means I might actually have it for next Friday. And yes I do use the candle for more than just my Friday face masks.

the residue

So the mask is applied, and now we wait.

Well I waited, you don’t really have to since I write my mask experience up after I complete it.

So twenty minutes passed.

Pleasant thoughts filled my mind as I went to my happy place.  Oddly enough in my happy place dragons blasted tumble weeds that looked suspiciously like enlarged images of the virus causing so much trouble at the moment, but still it was a happy place. Because they were good dragons. Not the princess snatching kind.

But alas all good things must come to an end. Eyes were opened, candles were snuffed and I returned to the bathroom to see what the mask did while I lost myself to daydreams for a few moments. In the bathroom I expected to see the same sort of drying that I normally see with mud masks, you know, the mask changing color.  There might have been a little, but it wasn’t that noticeable.  The mask did dry a bit, even if it didn’t change color, and it felt tighter on the skin.  There was no possibility of smiling. So, yeah another serial killer looking photo for me.

close up of mask post use

The mask peeled off easily and even though it left a little residue it was easily wiped off.  I took a good look at the mask after removing it and it looked less like a sheet made of mud and more like a loosely woven sheet (almost like cheesecloth) that had mud pressed into it from both sides, like the cloth was the bizarre filling in a mud based oreo. (Which actually sounds disgusting now that I’ve written it out, but I will leave it because I can’t be the only one with that image in my mind. Plus I can’t think of a better description.)

 I will say my pores looked smaller, a little bit of redness I had from the sun has gone and my skin (once I washed off the residue and let my skin dry a bit, felt really nice.  It is not quite up to the Annmarie Skincare Mud mask level (which is my standard of fabulous mud masks) but it is far closer than I thought a sheet mask would get.  Most sheet masks I like, but I don’t really add to my list for potential repurchasing.  Thus far the only one on the list are the black gold under eye gel masks from 111Skin.  This face mask I will be adding to the purchase list.  My skin and mud get along like…well I suppose you could just call me Miss Piggy if you’d like. The issue is they often take a bit of extra time, especially with post mask clean up.  Normally, I don’t mind the extra time when I am masking, but there have been days where a mud mask would have been fabulous, but I didn’t have the time.  This would have been perfect for those times. 

I heard of JJ Young prior to this, but I don’t recall ever trying any masks from them before.  I may joke about the sticking benefits of mud, but I will be ordering this one again.  The one drawback is all of the trash produced by it.  I can’t lie, it is a lot. 

That more than anything will keep me mostly using my favorite jarred mud mask, but I will be keeping a few of these on hand for when I just don’t have the time for a regular mud mask. I will be poking around to see what other sort of masks they have from this company.  While I did find this mask on Amazon, it is also listed for sale on the Glossy Box site.  I will also be poking around the Facetory site later to see if it is there as well. If you like mud masks, I would definitely recommend giving this one a try, especially if you are pressed for time. I’ll link Glossy Box below if you want to check the mask out on their site.  I’ll also link Annemarie Skincare and my all-time favorite mud mask as well if you are curious.

Now it’s back to work before the weekend Wonder Woman marathon can begin. I hope whatever you have planned is fun and fabulous. I’ll see you back here on monday. Have a great weekend.

$10 sample kit

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