Fresh Pressed Ginger + Vitamin C for my Friday Face Mask

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are having a good one.  Today for my Friday Face mask I decided to try the Sweet Chef Ginger + Vitamin C Sheet mask. I chose it for a couple of reasons. 

The first is that at the moment sheet masks are easier to apply and remove. This week as I’ve been recovering from sunburn, I have been going through my extra moisturizing masks and using the excess serum on arms and legs to aid fried skin. The ease of application and removal has been a fantastic feature this week.

As an aside, most of the masks have been just fine general sheet masks.  One of the ones I would re-order though came from my Facetory Subscription. It was the Vitality mask (I think it retails for $2.50) with pomegranate.  It was extremely hydrating and felt very good on the skin.  I will definitely be re-ordering it for use throughout the summer. Thus far it has been the best of the bunch.

Four-ever Fresh Subscription!

The second reason that I wanted to try the Sweet Chef mask is because of the serum shots also offered by the company. If you remember I had the bottle of Kale serum and the Kale sheet mask and did a side by side trial.  In that I basically found that the liquid in the sheet mask felt more or less like a watered down version of the product in the serum shot.  As I am a big fan of Vitamin C serums, I wanted to test out the sheet mask and see if I liked it enough to try the Ginger serum shot.

It seems like everyday companies are having sales so as I was especially interested in the possibility of purchasing the Ginger Serum Shot from Sweet Chef I wanted to try it out before I happened to see a sale.  I didn’t want to buy it, then try out the mask to find I didn’t like it at all.  I would consider that a foolish waste of money. So I tried out the mask to see if I liked it, that way if I know more or less whether I want to try the serum before I see a sale and pounce.

If that makes sense.

So, according to the Sweet Chef website…

Oh, ginger snap! The Ginger + Vitamin C Fresh-Pressed Sheet Mask instantly leaves your skin looking radiant and glowy — just the way we like our selfies. The potent blend of Ginger and powerful Vitamin C help fight environmental aggressors, revive dull skin, and even skin tone.

as always, the sheet mask is way too big for my face, it makes me wonder if I just have a tiny head and no one bothered to tell me until now.

There is a slight ginger scent to the mask, which as I like the scent of ginger, I don’t mind. It isn’t hot on the skin like ginger, it has the same coolness most sheet masks possess.  The serum soaked into the skin well and after using, my skin did, in my mind, appear brighter and more refreshed.  I wouldn’t say glowy, but certainly more refreshed.  If the same holds true with the ginger as it did with the kale, then the ginger serum shot would be a bit more potent. 

As I really liked this mask I think I am going to have to put the Ginger Serum Shot on my to try list.  At the moment I am finishing up the 111Skin Vitamin C serum so I have time to wait, but it is definitely on my to try list. I would actually consider picking up this mask again as well. I really felt quite refreshed after using it.  It is actually one of those masks that I could see having more of an effect if used more routinely. 

A lot of sheet masks I tend to think of as nice, but not something I would use on a regular basis. Or something I would only use to address a specific issue.  For example, the Vitality mask I mentioned earlier, I will be ordering to keep on hand for when my skin needs extra hydration after being outside for too long. It isn’t something I would consider a routine part of my weekly skin care.  I could see adding the Ginger mask in on a routine basis.  That not only speaks highly of the mask, but actually makes me more interested in trying out the Serum shot.  I suspect even if there is no sale, I will end up purchasing it and testing it out.  At this point I am too curious not to.

I hope everyone has something fun to do this weekend.  Currently my plans involve re-reading the Peter Mayle Marseilles Caper and the subsequent books in the series.  It’s one of those series I can re-read over and over again every few years.  It seems like a good time to take it out.  Our weather has turned cold again as a front moves through and the mountains are even expecting a little snow tomorrow.  It definitely seems like a good time to read of adventures in the south of France. Whatever you have planned, I hope you take some time to enjoy yourself.

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