Weekly Weight: 208.2 lbs

May 8th, 2020

Welcome to Friday.  I have to say, this was a strange week for me.  Last weekend I managed (through my own carelessness) to get a rather bad burn on my legs.  As a consequence most of this week has been spent with my legs propped up and smeared with aloe.  There was no walking, there was no exercising.  There was lots of water as I tried to turn myself into something less desiccated and there was more enforced relaxing than I have done in a while.  This week was more about finding a way to sit that didn’t feel like it was going to split my skin open at any moment and less about being productive.

I had very strange Kafka-esqe dreams this week.

I am getting better and on Monday I will be easing into my workouts again (hopefully). Yesterday, I managed to keep a pair of socks on all day without having my ankles swell as blood rushed to the damaged areas. (the tops of my feet were burned.) Sunday, I plan on attempting shoes, if that goes well, a short walk may be in order Monday. 

I am hopeful.

Despite the lack of exercise I was trying not to have a massive gain. There was clearly some increase, but I didn’t balloon up by 20 lbs overnight, which is my fear.  I know not an entirely rational fear, but a fear nonetheless. I’ll get over it.  Gaining just under a pound and a half when my greatest activity is walking across a room, isn’t all that bad in my book. And the break was good for me. I got to read and slack off which is rare for me during the week. Even with the current stay at home orders in place there always seem to be more things to do in a day than I have time for so I probably needed a break anyway. 

I certainly slept like I did.

But like I said, I am on the mend.  It is just slower than I like.  I do know my mending isn’t all in my head though as my baby doll informed me that I am no longer walking like an arthritic penguin, but more like a gimpy pirate.

He is such a comfort to me.

It was the burning of the knees that caused the most trouble. It got the most sun and is also the skin that takes the most movement when I walk so I have been trying to walk by moving my knees as little as possible. Hence the penguin effect.  My left knee was burned more than my right so now I’m a gimpy pirate, which means the right is healing.

I will say pain has a way of narrowing your focus.  Nothing outside of my immediate reach has attracted my attention this entire week.  Instead of catching up on news casts, I read a couple of old Jennifer Crusie novels. Incidentally, for a fun, but not too taxing read I’d recommend Wild Ride.  It is about a daemon possessed amusement park.  Oh, and it’s a romance. It was an excellent choice for this week. I think they also have it as an audio book on Audible if you prefer listening to books. I listened to several others of hers on Audible this week as well.  Wild Ride I just happened to pick up at a book sale.

But now to the stats:

Starting weight: 246 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 206.8 lbs

This week’s weight: 208.2 lbs

Weight change this week: +1.4 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 37.8 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx): 85.2 lbs

It feels strange listing weight this week when I did so very little, but I am glad I did.  It keeps me focused and reminds me that this was just a break.  Even if my walking is slow getting started again next week, I think I will add a bit of arm work.  Mostly because even though I enjoyed the time off, I am starting to feel a bit antsy with all this lack of movement. I never thought sitting could be so exhausting. I hope everyone has a great Friday and I will see you back here for the Friday face mask later today.

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