Sox Box May 2020 Review

Sox Box May 2020

As many of you know working out can be hard on your clothing.  I managed to sequester a section of shirts in my wardrobe specifically to walk in under the hot sun on the walking trail.  (Actually many of them come from Just My Size in case you are wondering.  They fit comfortably and are Hanes products so they can take a beating and still come out nice in the wash.)

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I have secured various other exercise clothes from stretchy yoga pants and leggings to jeans of varying sizes, depending on the situation.  I have monitored my shoes and my undergarments for wear.  But you know what I forgot? 

My socks.

Well forget might be the wrong term. 

Let me explain.

I love socks. I love big fat fluffy ones.  I love cartoons of all varieties.  I love holiday socks and flying pig socks. And I have quite a collection.  Or had really. You see when I started working out I thought, I have so many socks, there is no point in buying socks just to work out in.

I thought that would be wasteful.

So I didn’t.

I wore my regular socks.  So, soon the fluffy socks no longer were and my fun socks developed holes. While both were designed to cover the feet and keep toes toasty, they weren’t made for working out and it soon showed. 

Because I’ve never really worried overmuch if my socks matched (either each other or the outfit I’m wearing, since most of the time my socks don’t show anyway) when one sock wore out to the point where it could no longer be worn, I chucked the worn out sock and if it’s mate was still usable I kept it, pairing it with another loose sock until it too wore out. Soon enough though, my sock collection started to dwindle under the constant barrage of abuse.

Replacements were purchased, although they were not in my usual style.  I picked up socks with reinforced toes meant to take the beatings workouts provided. (again, Hanes is my go to for these very necessary items, just FYI, and no this is not sponsored, I just happen to like and wear their socks on a routine basis).

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So the athletic socks are in predominantly white and black.  They are easily distinguishable from my other socks, which is by design. They are not as fun, but they are easily identifiable and quick to grab.

So a while ago I was poking around on  At the moment I was picking up a tea subscription for my mother as a mother’s day gift.  (Simple Tea, in case you were wondering.) She loves tea of all varieties and was lamenting that when she goes to the store at the moment she goes in and quickly gets what is needed and then gets out, forgoing her usual leisurely brows of the tea aisle. (I know there are other items in the aisle and tea is not even the majority of the aisle in her favorite store, but it will forever be thought of as the tea aisle in my head.) So I figured this would give her a nice surprise. 

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While on cratejoy I also renewed my Jersey Shore Cosmetics lip balm subscription since I am running low and then I decided to poke around, just to see what else I could find that was interesting.  I found many things actually, but then I find subscription boxes rather fascinating.  Anyway, one of the ones that caught my eye was the Sox Box: Cute Socks from Korea subscription.  It is $10.99 (with 1.99 shipping for a grand total of $12.98).  For this price you get three pairs of socks.

After looking in my sock drawer and seeing that the black and white athletic socks now actually outnumbered my colorful socks, I decided to give it a try.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. I expected three pairs of thin socks that would be cute, but not really last long.  While longevity hasn’t been tested, I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised when my socks arrived. I have to say I like that the packaging was minimal. There was a plastic mailer on the outside (not bubble wrap because socks really aren’t breakable when squashed) and then a cardboard sleeve. Inside the socks were wrapped in a sheet of tissue paper. That was it. Personally, I like the minimal trash produced.

the packaging

First, some additional details.  The subscription charges you when you sign up for your first box and then mails the socks out between the first and the fifth.  After that they charge on the 11th for the following month (May 11th for June’s box, and so on).  The socks claim to fit a variety of feet and I have to say I am a US 7.5.  They fit me perfectly.  I can see that there is a little wiggle room for anyone with either larger or smaller feet, but on me they are just about perfect.  They are ankle socks which are great for around the house wear for me.  (Not that I won’t wear them out of the house, just not on workouts. I don’t like running around barefoot, never really have to be honest so I’m always in socks in the house.)

The socks are much better quality than I expected and are quite adorable.  This month featured two puppy socks and a pair of kitten themed socks.  At least I think they are puppies.  They could be bears.  They have the ears and are brown and could go either way.  For now I’ll call them puppies. All three socks come from a company called Aries. When I looked up Aries socks on line I came up with varying prices mostly between $8 -$10 per pair so I am happy with the value of the three pack. The socks are compostable to wear and I ran them through the hot cycle in both my washer and dryer (I use the heat to help shrink my jeans a little so they stay on my hips, oddly enough I’ve not lost enough to fit into the next size down, but the pair I’m wearing is too big – ah the joys of weight loss)

I have to say as much as I love my plain work out socks, I am really happy I am adding fun socks back into the mix.   As three pairs per month will add up quickly and the one negative review I saw of the subscription claimed lack of variety was the issue, I’m not sure how long I’ll keep the subscription. For now though I am loving the subscription. It isn’t terribly expensive and when I look at my feet throughout the day, the socks make me smile.  Not really a bad deal all in all.

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