Palette Review: BH Cosmetics Glam Reflection Smoke Palette

The BH Cosmetics Glam Reflection smoke palette

I have to say one of the most difficult things about reviewing this palette was trying to take a picture of it. The polished silver outside reflects everything and once you open it, the entire inside of the top cover is mirrored.  I finally had to use the foundation bottle to at least block some of the reflection. Not that I am complaining about the mirror.  It is a nice large mirror that is worth using even when you don’t want to use the palette. It is just hard to photograph.

To be honest I found this a very interesting palette.  Upon first glance it is a very neutral palette.  That doesn’t change no matter how many glances you give it.  What I found most interesting was that I was very much torn between loving and hating the palette.  The reason is that the mattes and shimmers are so different from each other.

First let’s talk mattes. 

They swatch well.  In fact all of the shades swatch really well. In the pan they feel butter soft. When applied to the lid however the mattes tend to be both patchy and powdery. With a couple of the darker browns I felt like I got more on my nose than on my eyelid.  I found I could use a smaller brush to avoid the problem of powder everywhere, but the colors were still light.  They are buildable though, it just takes a while.  I had better luck when I sprayed the brush with fixing spray, but there was still a patchiness to them that I didn’t care for. 

Swatches from the top row

The shimmers however are another story.  In the pan they feel buttery and they swatch well, just like the mattes.  They are not highly pigmented but they are buildable and go on a little better with a brush than the mattes.  They are also less patchy. With a damp brush they are stunning. I would keep this palette around simply for the gold in the top row, the ice blue in the second row and the copper in the bottom row.

Middle row swatches

If you are into blues, the two darker blue shimmers are fantastically pigmented and pair well with the ice blue to create amazing peacock looks.  If you look closely at the pans you can see the gold and copper have been used the most and that’s because even when I use other palettes, I find myself coming back to this palette for those shades to finish off a look. 

Third row of swatches

I used this palette for my sole palette this week and I really had to restrain myself from going to get a second palette to use other mattes with these shimmers.  I bought this palette from BH cosmetics when they were having one of their 80% off sales a while back.  I think I also had a coupon to go with it at the time so I believe I paid about five or six dollars for it in total.

At that price I would definitely pick it up again just for those three shades.  Without the sale price, to be honest, I still might pick it up for those three shadows.  Admittedly, first I’d look around to see if they were sold individually.  I suspect I will wear those three shades to pan and leave the rest untouched.  I really wish that the shadows had names on them so they were easier to find.  But then again, I don’t think BH sells individual shadows.  Which means I will use these three down to pan and then look for replacements elsewhere rather than repurchasing the palette. For now I am content to keep this palette in my collection.  I just think next time I take it out for a week of use, I will be pairing it with some single matte shadows.

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