The May Vella Box

The May 2020 Vella Box

As you might remember from my Friday Face mask last week, my monthly candle subscription Vella Box came in. It arrived last wednesday. It was a week later than usual as they are having to mail in batches due to current restrictions. I actually don’t mind as all but one of my current subscriptions arrive closer to the beginning of the month and it is nice to have a later arrival. (I think the only subscription left to arrive this month is my Facetory sheet mask subscription).

While there are several levels of subscription, the one I receive is called The Lucerna Tier and in it comes one 14 ounce candle which has approximately a 25 hour burn time.  I will have to say the time estimate for my last candle was pretty spot on.  The subscription is $10 per month and for me it has a $3 shipping fee so for $13 I get a candle and one surprise gift each month.

The candle comes in a reusable glass jar with a lid and is encased in a canvas bag that can also be reused.  I find the bag handy for corralling all sorts of little things.  I actually have my extra lip balms in last month’s bag so they don’t get lost in the drawer while they are waiting for their turn to be used.  And so that I don’t just reach in and grab one to open without looking to see which ones are already opened.

I’m sure I’ll find a use for the bag that came this month as well.  They are quite a handy size.

The jars containing the candles are also reusable, but before they are reused, they must be used.

Quite frankly I am looking forward to using this one.  Each candle comes from a different supplier and this one came from Roam Botanicals.  Apparently they were once sold by Anthropologie and Martha Stewart but the company is moving out of candles and into skin care.

While I suppose that means there will be no more candles, it might be interesting to check out their skin care.  The scent of my candle is Cactus and Jade.  The descriptive card is almost worthy of a perfume ad.  It reads…

…a fresh earthy scent with the perfect blend of floral and woodsy notes. May it remind you of travels out west or inspire you to take an adventure in nature.

Almost to perfume levels of intrigue, but not quite.

I will say that it is softly floral, but not overpowering. The floral is the sort of floral I would associate more with arid environs than wet ones.  It makes me think of the flowers I smelled when I lived in Texas rather than those from New Hampshire.  I’m guessing that is the cactus part. 

I’m not entirely certain what jade is supposed to smell like as I think of it as an unscented stone, but I can smell the cypress and the bayberry.  They do help ground the floral so it isn’t cloying and overpowering.  I would guess those are the woodsy notes. Overall it is a quite mild scent. You can smell it in th room but it doesn’t dominate.

I really like the scent and I enjoyed using it for my Friday afternoon break. I had the candle lit when I was reading over the weekend as well and enjoyed it then.  I suspect, I will enjoy it all month.

I think I will also get quite a bit of enjoyment out of my surprise gift as well.  This month it was a pack of basil seeds.  I tend to start my basil in waves so that I have the plants growing all summer without risking them getting woody so I appreciate extra seeds. I use it fresh in tomato salads all summer, make oils, pestos and vinegars with it and then freeze it in ice cube trays for use all winter.  I love basil.  Oddly enough I’m not a big fan of it when it is dried, but every other way I can use it I do. So I am happy with my extra surprise.

I am very glad I decided to give this subscription a trial.  (I found it when looking for something else entirely on Cratejoy – a tea subscription for my mom for mother’s day and subscribed on a whim.) I am rather glad I did. In the store this is a scent I probably would have passed up, but I actually find quite delightful.  I don’t like that the company won’t be making them anymore as it means I can’t order a replacement, but it was nice to have my comfort zone stretched a bit.

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