The STarry Eyed Plan for Face Mask Friday

I had a plan for Face Mask Friday today. My plan was to use the Starry eyes mask from Pop mask and then use one of my sheet masks. The plan was to give me a full thirty minutes of relaxation time and two masks to cover.

I actually found the Starry Eyes Indulgent Self Heating Mask when I cleaned out the drawer where I keep my masks. I was surprised by how many of the sheet masks I went through and thought surely there must be more lurking, I can’t have whittled down my stash that much.

But oh, I did.

And at the bottom hidden in the shadows was this mask. So I decided it’s day had arrived. I think the reason I hadn’t used it prior was that it is essentially a blindfold and I couldn’t really see it doing much for my skin. Hence the reason for the planned second mask.

See I was thinking.

So I let down my hair from the clip, decided candles could wait until the regular face mask as I didn’t want to have a blindfold on when they were lit since that seemed potentially dangerous, and then lay down on my bed to let the mask work it’s magic.

It warmed in a matter of moments but didn’t get too hot.

At least not that I recall.

Because I fell asleep.

It was quite soothing. I’m pretty sure the refreshed part is due to the sleep I got rather than the mask, but lord knows I needed the sleep. Interestingly enough, I tend to get clogged pores along the lower curve of my orbital bone. It really is just on that one spot and this mask did cover that area with its warmth. The heat actually brought a couple of the deeper ones that have been lurking under the skin for months to the surface. I was both pleased and surprised. I think I also might be looking into one of those facial steamers in the future to see if I can harness the power of heat on a regular basis.

Given my unintended lengthening of time, I did not use a second mask today. I will say I was quite pleased with this one. It was soothing enough to send me to sleep and had more benefits than I expected. Now if I can only catch up on my e-mails before dinner time and the official start of the weekend, I will be a happy camper. Good luck with whatever you have planned for the weekend and I will see you back here Monday.

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